Santiago-Melipilla train will reduce the current two-hour trip to 46 minutes

Tren Santiago-Melipilla permitirá reducir a 46 minutos viaje actual de dos horas

The project that will connect 8 communes and transport 50 million passengers per year has 12% progress. It is expected to come into operation in the second half of 2026.

One of the debates that has been in the public arena lately in our country has been the inclusion of more projects where the trains are protagonists, in order to take advantage of the terrestrial characteristics of Chile without forgetting the sustainable themes. One of these examples is the Santiago-Melipilla train, which will link both extreme communes in a matter of minutes.

The project will cover a route of 61 kilometers and will benefit approximately 1,137,000 people. In addition, the tour will connect eight communes, where 11 stops can be witnessed. Its 22 trains are expected to come into service in 2026, which will be electric, and which “will allow the largest number of people to be transported with the least possible pollution,” commented Patricio Pérez, general manager of EFE, for

The train will also include intermodal stations. These will be two; one of them will be in the Central Station and will connect with Line 1 of the Santiago Metro, while the other will be located in the Cerrillos Station, to combine with L6. The stations will be the following: Alameda (Central Station), Nueva Estación, Lo Errázuriz, Vespucio, Tres Ponientes, Ciudad Satélite, Padre Hurtado, Malloco, Talagante, El Monte and Melipilla.

This is not the first train project commanded by the EFE company. On March 17, 2017, the Nos Train – Central Station began its services. This project covers 20.8 kilometers and connects the communes of Estación Central, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Lo Espejo, El Bosque and San Bernardo. This service also has electric trains, which take to the electromobility as the great alternative in our country for public transport.



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