Sandro Castro defends his right to have fun after being caught in Cayo Santa María


Sandro Castro reacted to the scandal generated by his Holidays in Cayo Santa Mariabut he did so discreetly, writing a terse “Thank you” along with the comment of an Internet user who defended him arguing that he is young and has “all the right in the world to have fun”.

“It stresses me out to see these things. Oh my God! He is young, he has every right in the world to have fun. I am not a communist nor do I have anything to do with political issues, but I see these publications as stupid. By God, in this country many things are done wrong and none of that depends on him, he is simply the grandson of … not the president of the country, ”internet user Dany-Milans published in his Instagram stories.

(Source: Instagram Capture/sandro-castrox)

The controversial grandson of Fidel Castro He took the screenshot to his own stories on the aforementioned social network and there -publicly and for at least 24 hours- again fit the victim stance of his surname.

Unlike the notorious episode of the mercedes benz ridewhich generated a video of Sandro singing a mea culpa publicThis time the young man decided to keep quiet and react silently and through third parties.

Nevertheless, Sandro’s excesses and outbursts have been generating headlines for years and Cubans are taking longer and longer to forget his controversiesmarked by the systematic public ostentation of their lifestyle full of luxuries and comforts, while ordinary citizens on the island drown in perennial scarcity.

Just a year ago, Sandro Castro was shaking off the scandal caused by his “Mercedes” display, which was even covered by the international media.

Many still screeched that “…you know that we are simple, but from time to time we have to take out these little toys that we have at home”said while sliding into a Mercedes at full speed.

Immediately thousands of Cubans, inside and outside the island, reacted indignantly to the incident. The scandal even sparked an unusual reaction from a member of the family, his uncle Alex Castro Soto del Valle, who – without mentioning the video directly – commented that “A rotten potato does not indicate that all the potatoes in the sack are bad.”

“This country is not a monarchy. Greatness is not hereditary. You can be brilliant even if you are born in a cradle of straw. Or a fool, even if born in a golden cradle”, Israel Rojas also gave his opinionwell-known supporter of the regime.

Previously, in September 2019, in the midst of a “temporary” fuel crisis, Sandro -who is one of the owners of the bars Efe and Fantaxyin Havana – had bragged about his full tank.

Sandro Castro Arteaga is the son of Alexis Castro Soto del Valle, the eldest of the five children that Fidel Castro had with Dalia Soto del Valle.

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