San Lorenzo analyzes complaint to FIFA for Germán Berterame’s pass to Rayados

San Lorenzo analyzes complaint to FIFA for Germán Berterame's pass to Rayados

San Lorenzo de Almagro claims 30 percent of the negotiation and payment for training rights of Germán Berterame

The San Lorenzo de Almagro Athletic Club analyzes the complaint before the fifa the transfer of German Berterame a scratchedseeking to receive financial compensation for 30 percent of the negotiation between the Atletico Madrid and Monterrey, since the Argentine team has that percentage of their letter and training rights.

reported by the program Debate Y Sports T&Cin the team of San Lorenzo They consider that there was a triangulation between the mattresses, the San Luis Athletic Club and Rayados so that the Argentine attacker could arrive with the northern team as a free player for 8 million dollars.

Various sources informed ESPN that in the offices of Atlético de Madrid and Atlético de San Luis no demand has arrived, however, in Potosí territory there is fear of the signing.

The situation is foreign scratchedsince in case there is an economic compensation, it would be a payment of 30 percent for federative rights of the player of the Madrid team for the Buenos Aires team.

In this regard, the sports president of scratchedDuilio Davino, pointed out that they do not see any conflict on his part and that, if there is an annoyance from the Argentine club, he would not understand that it is against him.

“I think both the player and scratched we have nothing to do, yeah San Lorenzo I had an agreement with a team, it has to do directly with that team”.

German Berterame He arrived in Nuevo León last Sunday, July 3, and this Monday he was presented as a new reinforcement for the team led by Víctor Manuel Vucetich.

Berteramein his presentation as a new player of La Pandilla, he reiterated about the goal with his new club “I cannot give a number, because it is something from the future, but it is to overcome that, I cannot say a number, you know what I have finished, to overcome that , having the players that we have by our side, many things can be achieved”, he added.


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