Sainz believes that Ferrari’s improvements are going in the right direction

Sainz believes that Ferrari's improvements are going in the right direction

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The Ferrari team will introduce improvements for the first time this season. These improvements will arrive at the Spanish Grand Prix that is about to take place, and Carlos Sainz comments that these improvements go in the direction that he needs.

Ferrari improvements go in the right direction

Carlos Sainz has not had the best luck at the start of the season. Two retirements in two consecutive races made the Spanish driver separate himself from the top positions in the drivers’ world championship. However, the improvements that Ferrari will introduce for this weekend he believes will be very useful.

“My first impression is that they do work, but until I try it and feel it, I don’t know what to say. I do know that they are going in the right direction of what I need, or what I think I needCarlos Sainz has answered.

This is one of the circuits where I started going very fast last year with the 2021 car. I have looked at the data and I know why I was going so fast and how the car felt to go so fast. I’m going to try to find that same feeling with the car here”.

The fight for the world

The driver from Madrid has distanced himself quite a bit in the fight for the world championship from the two leaders, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. However, Carlos Sainz does not lower his arms and believes that he will be able to fight the World Cup until the end.

There are things I’m trying to change. Things about my driving style that I know don’t work with this car: things that I have to forget to do and automatisms that I must cancel from my brain”.

“It is not an easy process, but it can be a good circuit to test it, since I know it very well and I know what I have to change in this car to go fast”Sainz stated.

Problems with porpoising continue

In addition, Carlos Sainz made some comments about porpising. The Ferrari driver mentioned that it is somewhat annoying for the drivers but that the Italian team is going in the right direction with its improvements to solve this problem.

“You don’t know where the braking point is because you don’t see it, and you don’t know what the car is going to do under braking. It is very difficult to calibrate, shall we say”Carlos clarified.

“Is under control? I think in Miami we took a step forward and hopefully here, with what we bring, we take another step. We are always going to race to the limit of porpoising because it gives you time per lap”Sainz concluded.

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