Route 2: about 88 shots were fired at two shopping buses and miraculously no one was injured

Route 2: about 88 shots were fired at two shopping buses and miraculously no one was injured

Two buses that were transporting passengers who had made purchases in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores and were returning to the city of Mar del Plata, were hit by 88 shots in the Buenos Aires towns of Castelli and Chascomús, and miraculously no one was injured.

Police sources confirmed to NA that these are two groups of the Microbus company, inmates 17 and 18, and that, after the statements of the drivers Carlos Morgan, 45, and Jorge Bonino, 47, it was established that there would be an inmate between travel companies by purchasing clientele.

The spokesmen specified that, for this reason, the shots produced were caused in the engine of both cars in which 24 and 27 passengers were traveling, to generate destruction of the same and cause the cessation of the trip. After the skills it was detected that 88 shots were fired against both buses.

Both episodes occurred on Route 2, the first at the height of the town of Castelli, where one of the buses was intercepted by a white Toyota truck occupied by several men and was shot several times.

Meanwhile, near the Buenos Aires city of Chascomús, the other bus was shot at and, as reported, the passengers had to throw themselves on the floor to avoid being injured.

As indicated, both buses were returning to the seaside resort transferring passengers who had made a shopping tour on Avellaneda Avenue, in Flores.

Chascomús prosecutor Jonatan Robert explained: “The two events occurred on Tuesday night, one between the area between Chascomús and Lezama and the second at the El Salado intersection.”

“We have the aggression and many testimonies to take, but we have not established that the truck tried to stop the buses. No hypothesis can be ruled out,” he added in a dialogue with the TN news channel.

On the other hand, Cintia, one of the passengers, recounted: “We were all sleeping, we began to hear noises in the back and we thought it was the noise of the air conditioning. I called the coordinator who was traveling downstairs and from there they yelled at us to throw ourselves on the floor , that they were shooting at us”.

“The intention was not to rob us or anything else. They wanted to paralyze the buses, it was against the woman who coordinates these trips that she has been making for more than 15 years. She is an intern between companies,” the woman revealed.

He also stated: “They shot from a white truck. Our driver told us that they were targeting him. We were saved thanks to the drivers. The white truck crossed the first bus arriving in Lezama.”

And he added: “The police personnel who attended us told us that they shot the motors to stop the buses. In ours there is a shot in the center of the rear window. What draws our attention is that they have not been able to stop them in no toll. They told us that the truck was identified in Mar del Plata, but not the aggressors.”

Among the versions that were known, the investigators analyze a possible commercial internship between transport companies, although there is also the suspicion of an attempted robbery. The skills also determined that the holes detected in both vehicles would correspond to a .22 caliber.


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