Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce Phantom: “don’t change it too much, please”

Rolls-Royce: Rolls-Royce Phantom:

ANDhe Phantom is today the most recognizable model of rolls royce. Its eighth generation came in 2017 and its monolithic silhouette has become almost a luxury icon on wheels at its best. So we imagine that the designers must have experienced a real headache to update the modelwhich now comes in normal and extended battle versions with some changes that apparently have been very, very thoughtful.


According to the British brand, the challenge was not about what had to be changed, but rather about what had to keepas a customer study overwhelmingly revealed that these they didn’t want changes important. And if there is any brand where the customer is always right, it is Rolls-Royce.

The novelties are so subtle, but attractive. Do you remember, for example, the starry ceiling what did he look like before? Well, that design that includes luminous points that simulate stars has now also been incorporated into the front optics. What less, in such an ‘astronomical’ car. It has also incorporated a new horizontal line polished between the daytime running lights, and the brand claims to have made a small but inconspicuous geometric change to the pantheon grille that makes the double RR badge and carved woman (‘Spirit of Ecstasy’) more prominent.


The rest of the changes that are obvious to the naked eye focus on the optional new rims, which pretend to be an elegant disc reminiscent of those carried by Rolls-Royces 100 years ago. Even so, customers who wish to can continue to opt for the contemporary alloy wheel, which has a sportier appearance.

But in Rolls they are also opening up to younger customers. Recent versions have shown it black-badge of its different models, and that style has also reached the new Phantom, although for now without that special name. Thus, the darkened chrome frame for the front grille, the windscreen frame and various other elements are now offered as an option. Possibilities that are not strange in the case of a brand willing to adapt to any preferenceAs long as it doesn’t fall into bad taste.


Inside, the changes are almost negligible and it could be said that the most relevant thing to see is that the steering wheel is now a little thicker, which is in line with the preferences of customers who decide to drive the car themselves, instead of driving it. to be taken by chauffeur.

But it has been used to add the system Rolls-Royce Connectedwhich includes an application called whispers which is private to Rolls-Royce owners. Not only does it show the location of the vehicle or its status, but the customer, by pressing a button on the car, can contact dealer to request any service or information related to the car. And possibly at Rolls-Royce they have been concerned that it is not a machine that answers the other end of the phone.


Taking advantage of the launch of this renewed Phantom, the British brand has made a version ‘Bespoke’, which is the brand’s personalization department. they called him Phantom Platinum and as an alternative to the usual leather, it introduces materials such as painted silk, hand embroidery or fabrics made with bamboo fibers. And always resorting to manufacturing, but contemplating new possibilities such as a watch that bears the 3D printed ceramic frame…as it says Torsten Mller-tvosexecutive director of the brand’s car department, “small things make perfection, but perfection is not a small thing”.



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