Rodrigo, the photographer who searches for the hidden treasures of starlit Patagonia

Rodrigo, the photographer who searches for the hidden treasures of starlit Patagonia

I want to share a secret. In stories we have heard that in nature there are great hidden treasures. We know that myths hold special truths and pirate stories tell us that there is hidden gold. as a photographer night I am aware that the night contains something very valuable.

Dirty Lagoon, El Chalten, Chubut. Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

A paradox: in the dark mountains of light shinefull of diamonds in the skies

Puerto Madryn. «Mythical and special place! At night listening to the whales while looking at the stars is something totally spiritual.
Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

Each image, as complex as it is, is worth a treasure, of course they are not easy to find. But when one appears something communicates to us.

Piedras Blancas Glacier in El Chalten, Santa Cruz. Photo: Rodrigo Terrén

“Touring the country seeing its landscapes illuminated by the stars has a bad side: verifying that in the cities we have stopped seeing them”

Rodrigo Terren

And the language that a photo conveys is to show us what tHow beautiful is the Earth, the planet they gave us is also pure poetry. It houses all realities, but this one also exists.

Bariloche. There are experiences that must be lived: the Frey gives the gift of seeing the stars reflected in the lake». Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

Although the stars are far from the EarthThey are even further away from the cities.

Sunset at Piedra Parada (Chubut) waiting for the night. Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

An image is possibly inviting us to see our house, the milky wayOur home.

Laguna Torre, El Chalten. Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

How much is a photo worth? What message is hidden inside a constellation? How many sunsets could we see in our life, how many sunrises, moonsets, shooting stars?

Each landscape has something in store for each being.

Big Finger Refuge viewpoint. In the background, El Bolsón. Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

It can take the form of a simple walk in the fall, or a reflection at sunset. A composition for a musician, a recipe for red fruits from El Bolsón, or an image.

If these photos make you feel something, nature is inviting you to visit it again.

From Tigre to America, an exciting adventure

He is from Dique Luján, a picturesque town of 5,000,000 inhabitants facing the river in Tigre, north of Greater Buenos Aires. He is 37 years old and the last nine he lived on a trip.

Cabo Raso Chubut, a hammock in the Milky Way. Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

He started by bicycle and a night image he took in Corrientes made him the winner of a contest and an ambassador for Sony at the time: they gave him a car to photograph route 40 from end to end for just over three months, with an average of nine days in each of the 11 provinces it crosses. You can see the documentary at

Later, aboard a Dakar truck, he traveled other roads in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Rodrigo on the Piltriquitrón hill, El Bolsón. Photo: Rodrigo Terren.

What followed was reaching Colombia in a 1973 Fiat 600 as part of The Magic Caravan with a group of travelers aboard other vintage cars.

They were financed with workshops, classes, music, postcards, handicrafts and another great documentary emerged from that epic journey.

Alchemy, the kombi in which he travels and integrates into the landscapes of Patagonia. Here, the Esquel forests in the Zeta lagoon.

He later embarked on a book of nocturnal photographs of Argentina, in an adventure that began on a motorcycle and now continues on a kombi: he plans to tour the Litoral in winter and Ushuaia in summer.

These days, he also participates in a documentary in defense of glaciers. Everything, faithful to his philosophy: “One with the camera is just a means to portray these paradises as faithfully as possible. But you have to do it with what you feel, not with what you see.”

In the next note, Rodrigo’s kombi trip.

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