Review of The Miracle of Father Stu, a film based on real events starring Mark Wahlberg

Review of The Miracle of Father Stu, a film based on real events starring Mark Wahlberg

There are certain films whose plot does not particularly attract our attention from the outset. However, if the words “based on real events“, things change.

And it is that (almost) always we are curious when we come across a movie whose plot happened in real life, where we find really interesting stories.

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That’s what happened to us The Miracle of Father Stuan biographical drama about religion with a plot that, if it had been another type of film, would not have interested us too much a priori, but since it is a real event, it has caught our attention.

Starring Mark Wahlberg (Uncharted, Infinite, Arthur the King), the movie The Miracle of Father Stu tells the true story of Stuart Long, an amateur boxer who is forced to put an end to his career due to a severe injury, so he decides to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being an actor.

While fending for himself as a supermarket clerk, Stu meets Carmen, a Catholic Sunday school teacher who seems immune to his bad boy looks so, determined to win her over, the lifelong agnostic starts going to the church to impress her.


Trailer for The Miracle of Father Stu, with Mark Wahlberg

Nevertheless, After miraculously surviving a horrific motorcycle accident, Stu begins to question whether he can give his life a second chance by helping others find their way.leading him to realize that he is destined to be a Catholic priest.

Despite a devastating health crisis and skepticism from Church members and their estranged parents, Stu pursues his calling with courage and compassion, inspiring not only those closest to him, but many others who cross his path..

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It is certainly curious how a person can change so much his way of seeing the world and go from being a skeptic of religion to a fervent believer in the existence of God.

Surely many of those who are reading us are not especially believers, but even so it is very likely that they will be satisfied with The Miracle of Father Stu, because his moving story makes us see the positive side of things in a world in which not everyone is especially supportive of others.

The Miracle of Father Stu

This is something that Mark Wahlberg captures very well as Stuart Long, whose interpretation keeps us glued to the screen contemplating his metamorphosis from “bad boy” to an example of kindness and compassion that affects (at first in a negative way, but later in a better) to your loved ones.

He found the role so interesting that Mark Wahlberg has spent millions of dollars to finance the film, following the example of his co-star Mel Gibson when he financed his film. Passion of Christ.

Speaking of Mel Gibson, although the film focuses on the character of Mark Wahlberg, The miracle of father Stu also holds up very well thanks to the good interpretation provided by its supporting actors.with Gibson and Jacki Weaver in the role of Stu’s parents, as well as Teresa Ruiz, Cody Fern or the great Malcolm McDowell, among others.

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However, everything has a “but”, and In the case of The Miracle of Father Stu, its main problem is that sometimes the rhythm of its plot becomes somewhat slow and heavy throughout its more than two hours of duration.. This is something very common in biographical films when it comes to capturing their respective stories, but a little more “looseness” would still have been appreciated.

Definitely, The Miracle of Father Stu is a moving story that will please even the most unbelieving viewer.. It is not the panacea of ​​biopics, but it does the trick when it comes to paying tribute to the figure of Stuart Long. Oh, and pay attention to the credits, because apart from showing images of the real father Stu, an additional scene is also included that will bring a smile after so much drama.


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