Rescue teams gain access to all sections of the Saratoga hotel

Equipos de rescate logran acceder a todas las secciones del hotel Saratoga

After four days of the explosion that occurred in the Saratoga hotel, in the Havana municipality of Old Havana, the search and rescue teams have managed to gain access to all the premises of the building.

The information was confirmed by the official media Cubadebate, which indicated that with this, the experts have been able to explore a good part of the structure affected during the explosion.

“We have already had access to all the hotel premises, something very important for us, that is, a fairly complete exploration has been carried out,” Colonel Luis Carlos Guzmán, head of the Cuban Fire Department, told the aforementioned media outlet.

The official indicated that on Tuesday, the search efforts were concentrated in common areas such as the kitchen and dining roomand who now work together with the Red Cross with the search for people as the main priority.

Guzmán said that the study of the damaged structures has taken a back seat while they focus on the search, but that it is impossible to know how long this will take.

“We really cannot give an estimate because the main mission we have is to find the people who are missing. That’s why we can’t give a time. (…) We want it to be as fast as possible, but we cannot violate the established security measures by rushing to make a decision, ”he added.

Search efforts have resulted in the discovery of eight bodies in the rubble since Monday, bringing the death toll to 43.

According to the latest update given by the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) this Tuesday, in addition to the 43 deceased, 97 injured people were also counted, of which 17 remained hospitalized.

The explosion at the Saratoga hotel took place last Friday around 10:50 am, when several people denounced having heard a loud rumble in the capital. Within minutes, several photos and videos began to emerge on social networks, which showed a large column of smoke and dust rising over the city.

The incident affected 23 structures around it, damaging the homes of some 95 people, most of whom have already been evacuated to a hotel in the Villa Panamericana.

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