Renfe defends that Plasencia “is one of the most favored cities in Extremadura with the new line”

Renfe defends that Plasencia

The Ministry of Transport has responded to the criticism that the Alvia and Talgo trains will not stop in Plasencia with the entry into service of the high-performance line. In a joint press release with Renfe, he has justified this decision because the travel time between Madrid and Badajoz would increase by 33 minutes if a stop was made at the Jerte city station. Said station is a ‘non-passing station’, explained the Ministry, in which the circulations would have to reach there and go back to continue.

The number of passengers is also another reason given by the Ministry: “it is important to point out that the train was used in this Autonomous Community in 2021 by a total of 529,023 passengers. Travelers from Plasencia were 47,247. Taking the Long Distance trains to Plasencia would penalize, in this way, the majority of train passengers in that Community, so for now A solution has been chosen that involves increasing the circulation of Media Distancia in Plasencia”.

More frequencies and cut travel time

Regarding this increase in Media Distancia circulations, the commissioning of a new train to Seville in the afternoon, suppressed in 2012. And remember that In order to be able to access the Long Distance trains (Alvia and Intercity), the “free road link service” has been created that directly connects the Plasencia station with the Monfragüe-Plasencia station.

In this way, Plasencia will go from two to four services to Seville, with a savings in travel time of 67 minutes; from four to eight circulations between Plasencia and Cáceres, with a saving of 30 minutes Travel; from two trips with Mérida it will be reduced to six, with a reduction of 43 minutes; Y From two circulations with Badajoz it goes to five, with a saving in travel time of 24 minutes. SoPlasencia is one of the Extremaduran cities most favored by the new line, with an increase in direct connections and links”

Travel enhancements beginning July 19. From then on, the number of weekly circulations throughout Extremadura will increase by 17%, going from the current 145 (131 public service and 14 commercial services) to 170 as of July 19 (144 public service and 26 commercial services).


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