Releases HBO Max Spain May 2022: News

Releases HBO Max Spain May 2022: News

With more delay than usual for what is usually Warner, ‘Matrix Revolutions’ finally arrives at HBO Max. It is the most notable movie of the month on the platform, but not the only production to watch out for: we also have transtemporal romantic dramas and underground Mexican comedy. Everything for a month of May full of strong emotions.

Catalog of new series in Spain


A new Mexican series that starts from a concept that is much loved by science fiction, to which it gives a satirical and costumbrista twist: the bunker in which a paranoid locks himself up because he believes that the end of the world is taking place outside. In this case it is about Vladimiro, owner of a shelter where he lives wonderfully, apart from the problems, his family and the pandemic crisis. But a kidnapping and a bunch of delusional secondary characters will test the inviolability of the bunker.

The time traveler’s wife

Rose Leslie (‘Game of Thrones’) and Theo James (‘Divergent’) star in this HBO miniseries in which time travel is viewed from a less scientific and more emotional perspective. It is based on a novel by the American Audrey Niffenegger that tells the story of a man who travels through time without any control, and how that upsets the relationship of a couple. The series will consist of six episodes and is produced by Steven Moffat, who is responsible for the modern incarnations of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, which undoubtedly gives it some baggage when it comes to talking about time travelers.

All series in May

  • ‘Bunker’ (2/5)
  • ‘The Staircase’ (6/5)
  • ‘Evens and odds’ S2 (6/5)
  • ‘Conversations between friends’ (15/5)
  • ‘The time traveler’s wife’ (5/16)
  • ‘Weeds’ (5/28)
  • ‘Days of roosters’ (30/5)

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Catalog of new films and documentaries in Spain

‘Matrix Resurrections’

We’re going to have to wait years to gauge the true scope of a film like ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ and whether it has been in any way as influential as the first trilogy, but what is clear is that this return of Neo and Trinity has divided fans. fans into two large groups. Those who miss the openly adventurous and escapist tone of the first films and those who have embraced the controlled ugliness, the high density of messages and the pure abstraction of this fourth installment. HBO Max finally gives us the opportunity to position ourselves.

All movies and documentaries in May

  • ‘Delphine, My Story’ (1/5)
  • ‘Wild Romania’ (12/5)
  • ‘Matrix Resurrections’ (5/22)


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