Red Bull opens internal investigation into Aston Martin

Red Bull opens internal investigation into Aston Martin

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Red Bull has reacted resignedly to the FIA’s approval of the Aston Martinr team’s updates which bear an undoubted resemblance to the Adrian Newey-designed car. The energy drink team has put on a good face in the face of questions from the press -Helmut Marko on the sidelines-, however, they have not been amused by what happened.

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The resemblance between the AMR22 presented at the Spanish Grand Prix and the RB18 goes beyond inspiration, and Red Bull has even been surprised that the FIA, which did initiate an investigation, closed it stating that everything was in accordance with the rules that they themselves promoted and which prevented the copying of designs using reverse engineering.

From Red Bull they have revealed that the FIA ​​contacted the team at the beginning of the week, saying that there was a car with a remarkable resemblance and asking the team for a series of documents, among which was the question of which personnel were he had left the team and where he had ended up.

It is no secret that Aston Martin has been recruiting Red Bull staff for the last two years, despite the fact that the most notorious case has been that of Dan Fallows, for which they went to trial before reaching an agreement that allowed the incorporation of Red Bull’s aerodynamic manager to Lance Stroll’s team this April, instead of December 2023, as initially stipulated in the conditions of his contract.

Horner acknowledged that nothing can be done about what the engineers keep in their heads, which is what the FIA ​​has come to conclude, but in the same way from the team they affirm that they will initiate an internal investigation to clarify if illegalities have been committed . In Red Bull they doubt that such a similar design can be made without going to plans, and there the story would be very different.

As the Briton points out, the use of Red Bull plans or documents in the design of the new Aston Martin parts would be a theft of intellectual property and therefore a crime that would carry prison sentences for the authors. On Friday, Marko assured that there had been a download of data, and that he would investigate it thoroughly.

The download of data in companies of this caliber is audited, knowing at all times who looks at what files and for how long, as well as who has downloaded them and when, so Red Bull will try to clarify if any of the employees who have changed of equipment it has been possible to carry material.

Aston Martin, calm down

Meanwhile, in the Lawrence Stroll team they claim to have a very clear conscience, encouraging Red Bull to act if they have any suspicion of something illegal. The same structure has already been the focus of criticism for its resemblance to Mercedes, which forced the FIA ​​to change some rules, however, they do not seem to have ceased in their attitude of trying to resemble the dominant vehicle.

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