Red Bull message in Aston Martin, through a can?

Red Bull message in Aston Martin, through a can?

Red Bull took with philosophy the controversy unleashed by the Aston Martin team’s aerodynamic update, which bears a strong resemblance to Austrian solutions

The Austrian team Red Bull took with humor the new design of the single-seater Aston-Martinbecause during the practice Friday for the Spanish Grand Prixthe entire team in which the Mexican pilot participates Czech Perezhe mocked the similarities between both racing cars.

Through your account Twitter They uploaded a photo in which they put their traditional energy drink, which had a green container, the color of Aston-Martinand they put the legend “Refreshment between sessions, anyone?”. Given this, motorsport fans took the resemblance with humor.

Moments earlier, engineers from Red Bull they made fun of the situation by sitting on the pit wall during the first practice session drinking cans of Red Bull Green Edition.

“Oracle Red Bull Racing has taken note of the FIA’s statement with interest,” the Austrian team’s statement read.

“While imitation is the best form of flattery, any replica of the design would obviously have to comply with the FIA’s ‘Reverse Engineering’ rules. However, if any transfer of IP had occurred, that would clearly be a breach of regulations and would be a serious concern,” they added.

The FIA ​​punishes and sentences the teams that copy or replicate not only the car model, but also the transfer of intellectual property, a situation that is made clear in article 17.3 of the regulation that it says.

“Specifically defines and prohibits ‘reverse engineering,’ that is, the digital process of converting photographs (or other data) into CAD models, and prohibits the transfer of IP between teams, but equally, this article allows automobile designs to be influenced by those of competitors, as has always been the case in Formula 1. In our analysis we confirmed that the processes followed by Aston Martin were consistent with the requirements of this article.”


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