recommended series for fashion lovers

recommended series for fashion lovers

The fashion and the audiovisual media often go hand in hand and it is that in a certain sense they accompany, complement and nurture each other. the world of television and the web series is constantly synonymous with glamor; Likewise, fashion finds in images, in stories and in its stars the perfect space to shine, invent and propose.

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For all the fashion loversthese are some titles that you will find in Netflixfilms from which to learn and in which be inspired; varied stories about people and personalities from the world of style, but also stories marked by their wardrobe of envy, glamorous and stylish.

Emily in Paris

A dreamy and suddenly too idyllic series but marked by a perfect fashion for the current woman. It centers on a young woman who moves to Paris and in the process of building her future, she soaks up that Parisian fashion so characteristic for its sophistication. Every outfit we see on screen is beautiful and they always present outfits that are in line with today’s trends.

girl boss

The show ran for a single season and focuses on sophia amorusathe founder of Nasty Galan online clothing store that specialized in vintage fashion. She became a legend for finding in second-hand garments an enormous potential, commercial but also related to style reinvention and the creation of new trends, based on old fashion hits.

Next in Fashion

A dynamic reality show full of creative proposals, it is hosted by the designer Tan France and the model and designer Alexa Chung. During the chapters, various designers from around the world compete for a cash prize, but more importantly, for the chance to create a entire collectionwhich in the process leaves us with many examples of dreamy design.


Japanese series of 13 episodes that follows a young woman recently graduated from Fashion designwho finds work in a prestigious brand of lingerie from Tokyo. His inexperience collides with the demanding group of people she has around him, but that itself becomes a process of learningwhich has a lot to do with fashion, creation and the creativity.

High seas

The Spanish proposal revolves around a mystery, a murder that occurred during a transatlantic voyage, which delves into the characters by turning towards a rather dramatic tone. However, the series It is set in the 1940s and displays an impressive catwalk of dresses and outfits from that era, so characterized by glamor and style, from which we can learn a lot.

There’s no time for shame

The show in the form of a documentary follows the daily life of the Argentine designer James Artemis. His life, his work and his path to haute couture It is an inspiring story but also full of representative moments about what the world of fashion means. This designer and influencer has worked with personalities such as Katy Perry and Britney Spears.



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