Real Madrid vs Betis | LaLiga: Joaqun, proud to be applauded by the Bernabu

 Real Madrid vs Betis |  LaLiga: Joaqun, proud to be applauded by the Bernabu

yese season ended for Betis and what a way to close it, drawing against Real Madrid in the Santiago Bernabu, where Joaqun left with a standing ovation, something that made him fill with pride.

A season to frame

“A season to congratulate all the Bticos. Happy because I think that winning a title and re-entering Europe is important for us, and finishing in a stadium like the Bernabu is nice getting that fifth place that is also important for us”

Great reception by Bernabu

“It is a field that has always received me and has treated me with great affection, not only the Bernabu, many fields, but it is true that the reception I always have is special here. I think it is also a bit of recognition of my career sports. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to go to the fields and of course to the Santiago Bernabu and leave with a standing ovation. That is the great prize that I am going to take with me in my career”.

Match 600, he only has Zubizarreta ahead

“Yes, 600 games, my goodness, who was going to tell me… Happy, the numbers for me are secondary, but getting a figure like this is important. And that’s why I’m going, to try to catch Zubizarreta, It’s not going to be easy because competing at 41 years old means a lot of sacrifice, but I’m happy, content, joyful and it’s an honor to be able to compete at this level and enjoy football”.

Double hallway against a Madrid thinking of Champions

“Yes, the double aisle is nice, it’s nice to finish in a field like this. We knew that Madrid at two an hour can always do you a lot of damage. We came to score, to get that point, to try to play our football. It is understandable that the Madrid is thinking about that final next week. Even so, you had to go in with the utmost concentration because Madrid have great players and they can do something to you at any time”.


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