Real Madrid: A multi-piece Real Madrid

Real Madrid: A multi-piece Real Madrid

meme real Madrid what jumped to the lawn of the Power Horsebetween the corridor of soccer players almeriait was not entirely recognizable. Rdiger next to Nacho in the center of defense Kroos escorted by Camavinga and Tchouamni while Casemiro and Modric they saw him from the bench… Variations with respect to the eleven guy from last season that caused, due to a momentary lack of chemistry, some messes.

But what underlies this first lineup is the breadth of the squad. Charles Ancelotti has at its disposal two different complete centers of the field (Casemiro-Kroos-Modric and Tchouamni-Camavinga-Valverde), in addition to the many variants that these loose pieces allow you to compose. It has four centralRdiger, Nacho, Militao and Alaba), with the same alternation possibilities as the midfield. And he has the option to turn, at his whim, to the left back (Alaba-Mendy) and to the far right (Valverde-Rodrygo-Hazard).

A flexible strategy

This Real Madrid multi-piecealso, it is not rigid. The drawing can be adapted to the players that compose it or to what the rival demands. That was seen in Almera with the position occupied by Hazard and Valverde’s change of habitatwho focused at the end to work on the fold. Or with the change of left side when the game asks Real Madrid a finer footballer in a rival field than Mendy in search of a comeback, with the team living practically in the vicinity of Fernando’s area.

Wide template and trainer with predisposition to use it. Apparently and from what Ancelotti heardit seems that this will be the usual tonic of the season. After a season in which the main criticism of the coach was the absence of rotations, the Almeria eleven is a declaration of intent. Even Ceballos entered, as he did in the European Super Cupto secure midfield in the final minutes. not like that Asensiowho seems to have gone down steps in the rotation and who did not participate in Helsinki or yesterday.

Two teams, almost two complete different starting lineups, but without that exclusive distinction of the Team A and Team B. We’ll see what happens in the ‘big’ games, but the mixture seems the chosen strategy. Everyone can play with everyone no closed dance partners. Carletto has the ingredients and now he has to start combining them to find the best flavor for his dish.


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