Raúl Zárraga hints that NBA games will return to Mexico

Raúl Zárraga hints that NBA games will return to Mexico

Lan NBA is one of the most followed sports in Mexico, and for the league, the presence in our country is of vital importance, both in the commercial section, and in the development of sport among young people.

In past years the tournament was present, among other things, through the regular season games, which due to the Covid-19 pandemic had to be suspended.

Nevertheless, the director of NBA Mexico, Raúl Zárraga hinted that these parties could return shortly, after an absence of two years; “Things are going well, on the right path. Yes, I can tell you that the scenario looks very favorable and we will have news shortly.”

Although the visits of the NBA stopped in Mexico due to the pandemic, other actions, such as the inclusion of the Capitanes de la Ciudad de México to the NBA G League They kept the relationship with the country alive. In this area, Zárraga mentioned in a conversation with the media that he also they are refining details to perfect the incursion of the team from the capital in the development league, such as hosting matches at the Juan de la Barrera Gymnasium.

“We are very excited about the project in Mexico. Where they are going to play, the assembly of the team; the coaching staff, the commercial and marketing part to promote and publicize game schedules, teams, players. The people of Capitanes are committed. I also urgently need to see them in Mexico City.”

Finally, he stated that another of the core points of the relationship is to promote the practice of sports in the country, which is worked with the project basketball Without Borders, which is currently taking place in San Luis Potosí, and which It has 64 young people from different countries.

“The reason people like a sport is because they played it. At the same time you promote something important to the community. We remain very focused on these development projects and trying to reach all corners of the Republic. Our priority is that people continue playing basketball in any of its formats”, concluded.


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