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 Rambo: the secrets that hardly anyone knew about Sylvester Stallone's movies |  Movies |  United States Celebs |  nnda-nnlt |  FAME

John Rambo, that American military man, who, like a superhero without a cape, ends up coming out of the problems and conflicts in which he finds himself involved, is to this day one of the best known and most watched sagas in the history of the film industry. Even so, and despite the time, the franchise, which consolidated the stardom of Sylvester Stallonekeeps data and curiosities unventilated.

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The first tape of the saga, which in 2019 delivered its fifth and last film, dates from 1982 and is titled: “Rambo: first blood”. The plot, which is a film adaptation of the novel written by Canadian author David Morrell, tells the story of John Rambo, a hero of the Vietnam War who wanders from city to city in search of his former comrades-in-arms, while being harassed and mistreated by local authorities.

These facts, added to the abuse he suffers when he is unjustly imprisoned, lead Rambo to try to take justice into his own hands. After escaping from imprisonment he hides in the woods, where he is persecuted by those same evil authorities. That is where the war for his survival begins.

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Sylvester Stallone during the filming of the first film (Photo: Rambo Movie / Instagram)


Although the story of the first film and the other four is already known to everyone, or almost everyone, there are facts that you may not have known and that we will reveal to you below:

1.- The broken nose

The production agreed to have Sylvester Stallone perform a number of dangerous stunts. Thus, one of the most notable injuries during the first film occurred when Stallone accidentally broke Alf Humphrey’s nose during filming, for which his character is seen wearing a bandage during the film.

2.- The name of the character

Where does the name Rambo come from? According to its creator – the writer David Morrell – this comes from Rambo apples, which are native to the northeastern United States.

3.- The original cut of the film

Silvester Stallone and his agent absolutely despised the first cut of the film, even wanting to buy the rights to the film so he could destroy the cut. However, the movie was heavily edited and cut to a 90-minute time frame, which made it that much better in the process.

4.- The candidates for Rambo

The Warner Bros production had in mind to make the film with the most renowned actors such as Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman, but in the end the role went to Sylvester Stallone.

5.- The novels of David Morrell

As is known, Rambo is based on a series of novels by author David Morrell. The Canadian writer has expressed his love for films in the saga, particularly Rambo IV (2008), but has also been critical of the other film adaptations.

6.- Record at its premiere

At the time of its release on the big screen, in 1982, the film was the first film to reach more than two thousand theaters in the entire United States. A brand for the time.

7.- Prohibition to “Rambo IV”

“Rambo IV”, released in 2008, was set in Burma, or Myanmar as it is currently known, and due to the film’s material, the Myanmar government banned the film from being broadcast in its territory because of how its country was represented.

8.- The conjunctural conflicts of the time

When the first film (1982) was released, little time had passed since the United States war in Vietnam, so the critics of the film indicated that more heroic scenes were made to leave the American nation well.

9.- The extras of Asian origin

In “Rambo II” (1985), the American soldier returns to the Vietnamese jungles in order to rescue some prisoners of war. However, despite being set in Vietnam, most of the filming took place in Mexico. For this reason, the production had to look for several extras of Asian origin, a not easy task at that time.

10.- The consecration of Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone was already in the forefront of renowned actors for his role in “Rocky,” a film he created and starred in. However, the “Rambo” saga served as a reaffirmation that he was an actor to shine in Hollywood.


Currently the entire “Rambo” franchise; that is, “Rambo: First Blood”, “Rambo II”, “Rambo III”, “Rambo IV” and “Rambo V: Last Blood” is available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform.



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