Rajon Rondo threatens the mother of his children with a gun

Orden de alejamiento para Rajon Rondo tras apuntar con una pistola a su exmujer: "Está muerta"

Rajon Rondo is a Excellent player inside the track, but a despicable man outside her. The legendary NBA player has received a Restraining order of his children and his ex-wife after death threat to this and point a gun at him. Rondo will not be able to approach them closer than 150 meters.

The ex-partner of Rajon Rondo accused the veteran NBA point guard of having threatened her with a pistol and also of having physically and verbally abused the two children that they have in common, reported this the media specialized in celebrity news TMZ.

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The incident occurred while they were playing the console

Following these accusations, a louisville judge (Kentucky, USA) decreed last Friday a restraining order for his ex-partner and his two children. The chain ESPN later confirmed the information from TMZ and assured that the NBA is aware of what happened with Rondo and that he is “in the process of gathering more information.”

According to the ex-partner’s account, detailed in her request for a restraining order, Rondo and her son they were playing console last Wednesday when the woman asked the little boy to help with the laundry.

Always according to the version of the ex-girlfriend, Rondo reacted violently, ripped the console off the wall and started breaking other objects of the house Rondo told him “you’re dead” before leaving the house, but the point guard returned shortly after with a gun in his hand and banged it into a window in the back of the house.

“Go get my fucking son!”Ron yelled. After asking her to stop without success, she, out of fear, agreed to let the boy go downstairs without leaving the house, but Rondo pulled him, still with the gun in his hand, and carried him outside. Shortly after the daughter also came out and Rondo yelled at both of them for being afraid of her father.

The versions of TMZ and ESPN on how the incident ended are different: TMZ maintains that the player left the house after his parents arrived and ESPN assures that his ex-partner called the former Louisville police chief and she stayed finally with Rondo’s gun.

“I’m extremely terrified For my safety and that of my children. Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic and explosive behavior,” Rondo’s ex-girlfriend said in her request for a restraining order.

Is verbally, emotionally and financially abusive. He physically hits our son and calls him things like ‘slut’ and accuses him of acting like a ‘whore’ (…). Rajon verbally assaults our daughter. He calls her things like ‘bitch’ or ‘asshole’ (…). She has threatened me with death several times saying that she will shoot me or my car,” she explained.

Two time NBA championone with the Boston Celtics (2008) and another with Los Angeles Lakers (2020), Rondo, 36, began this season playing with the Lakers and finished the course on the Cleveland Cavaliers squad.


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