Publimarketing Online explains what are the advantages of programmatic buying

Publimarketing Online explains what are the advantages of programmatic buying

The traditional use of billboards and television commercials has been largely replaced by marketing strategies. marketing digital, since people spend more time in front of the screen of their mobile phones and computers than doing other activities such as watching television.

According to Hootsuite’s Global State of Digital 2021 study, the average user spends at least 145 minutes a day checking their phone.

Among the most used tools to attract more audiences is programmatic buying, which is an automated way of reaching potential customers while they browse the internet. Companies like Online advertising are dedicated to applying said programming in the advertising campaigns of any business.

What is programmatic buying and what advantages does it have?

Programmatic buying consists of using technologies that allow you to automate the acquisition of advertising space in various digital media, such as pop ups, banners and the like. This process is done using algorithms such as Big Data, cookies either machine learningamong others. In order to do it efficiently, agents and experts are in charge of combining different variables in order to obtain strategic sites where advertising is displayed.

Among the advantages of this strategy, it stands out that its segmentation is precise, since the algorithms look for strategic places to reach a specific audience. Likewise, it allows you to reach recognized web pages and portals by investing little money. On average, it could be said that to reach at least 1,000 potential customers, only one euro is invested.

How to use programmatic buying in a business?

To get the most out of programmatic buying it is necessary to be quite clear about the service or product that will be advertised. On the other hand, it is advisable to use this technique at specific times. For example, to promote a new exclusive product or when sales are slowing down a bit and you want to attract more audience.

Inexperienced clients prefer to go to agencies of marketing digital as Publimarketing Online, since these have different software specialized and experts in the area that guarantee optimal results. The process also reduces the time spent, as the customer only needs to hand them a briefing with all the information of the campaign and the audience of the brand.

In addition, if the company needs help in collecting this information or with the creation of the campaign, the agency can offer its services and devise an action plan from scratch.

The marketing digital offers a valuable number of solutions for current problems and situations. The team of professionals at Publimarketing Online, with years of experience in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising, in addition to being experts in programmatic buying, also dominate other techniques of marketing such as SEO positioning, advertising on Google, web page design, the creation of Facebook and Instagram Ads and much more.



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