PONS IP presents its new strategic position as a global industrial and intellectual property consultancy

PONS IP presents its new strategic position as a global industrial and intellectual property consultancy

PONS IP has been signed by the PONS Foundation a meeting with clients, media and partners to present its new digital identity and strategic positioning as global industrial and intellectual property consultancy. This milestone for PONS IP is the result of a process of technological transformation, process optimization and service improvement that aims to generate solutions that favor strategic decision-making and the generation of tangible results through IP.

The new positioning is accompanied by the launch of a new website which, based on a “customer centric” philosophy, substantially improves usability and user experience by incorporating features such as “IP Evaluator”an online solution from which any company will be able to measure the status of its portfolio of intangible assets in real time, whether for trademarks, patents or even business secrets.

According to the person in charge of the project and director of Marketing and People, Anna Lopez de Castrothe web is the result of a deep reflection and market research to offer the agile and immediate solutions that the current user demands. Our new digital identity showsIn addition, the added value offered by the IP when it is understood as a fundamental pillar of the global business strategy instead of a procedure. Protecting is much more than registering“.

IP Evaluator joins a series of technology-based online solutions that may be accessible through the web. Thus, PONS IP will continue promoting its own solutions as an ALERT for comprehensive brand surveillance against attempts at identical or similar registrations, infractions, falsifications and improper uses o SAFE EVIDENCE, a legaltech solution that combines qualified time stamps and advanced electronic signatures with Blockchain technology, offering security and legal support for all types of documents or information digital.

in this transition towards the new digital ecosystemPONS IP has also reinforced its brand and since 2022 it has protection in Nice classes 9, 35, 36, 42 and 45, which will allow it to act with maximum security from the point of view of industrial property in interactive software projects and artificial intelligence-based interactive software, as well as secure Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), encryption devices and downloadable software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology and downloadable virtual goods for use online and in online virtual worlds as the metaverse, and serve in a new transformation to fit the new realities

A new organization for a new time: this is the new PONS IP

The strategic transformation of PONS IP in the image and provision of services also implies a new internal organization that, overcoming the distinction between office, agency and consultancy, is integrated into five verticals to offer a renewed value proposition adapted to the demand of the most of 27,000 customers that the company currently has. Thus, PONS IP adapts to the new technological and innovation scenarios with the following Service areas as an industrial and intellectual property consultant: Brands and Brand Intelligence; Patents, Technological Development and Innovation, Privacy, Data Protection and Information Security, Valuation of Intangible Assets and TMT Technology, Media & Telecom.

For Nuria Marcos, General Director of PONS IP, this evolution of PONS IP “combines experience and digitization to generate unique solutions that increase the value of organizations. From a very faithful vision of the essential place that IP occupies in the global business strategy, we want to achieve tangible results from intangible assets for our clients, transforming their ideas into value and making the intangible tangible”.

The presentation in Foundation had the intervention of two of the benchmarks in innovation and new technologies at an international level. On the one hand, Luis Ignacio Vicente, Strategic Advisor of PONS IP and Chief Innovation Officer of ASTI-ABB, highlighted the current role of industrial property as a tool for managing R&D&i in our economy, giving way to the intervention of Carlos Kuchkovsky, founder and CEO of Qcentroid, member of the board of Alastria and of the Strategic Advisory Council for Quantum Technologies of the European Commission, who explained how innovation and industrial property are being managed in initiatives that it is promoting taking advantage of the availability of new disruptive technologies that will be most relevant to the world economy during the next decade such as Web3, blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, quantum algorithms and fintech.


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