PlayOffs NBA 2022: The Mavericks are very touched after wasting 43 points from Doncic and 19 advantage

PlayOffs NBA 2022: The Mavericks are very touched after wasting 43 points from Doncic and 19 advantage

Loperating system Dallas Mavericks They missed a golden opportunity this Friday in San Francisco and ended up falling to some golden state warriors they modeled a great comeback in the second half after losing from 19 points in the second quarter (126-117).

were not enough 73 points between excellent Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson for some Mavericks who are touched after this defeat and who take the West final to Dallas with a 2-0 against. The Slovenianwho spent a bad night without sleep and with vomiting after the first game, got away with 43 points (12 of 23 shooting, 5 of 10 triples, 13 of 15 free throws), 5 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steals.

brunson (31 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists) and Reggie Bullock (21 points) also added to some Mavericks who scored 21 of 45 in triples but they melted after the break (68-45).

Undefeated at home in these playoffs (8-0), the Warriors dominated the rebound (43 for 30), crushed Dallas in points in the paint (62 for 30) and had as a reference a Stephen Curry sensational in the denouement (32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists). They were also instrumental in the comeback Kevin Looney (21 points and 12 rebounds) and jordan poole (23 points and 5 assists).

two very different parts

There were doubts about Doncic’s physical condition, but he cleared them in a seen and not seen. The Slovenian sum 18 points (only two less than in the entire first match) in a superb starting quarter in which he alternated triples, plays to the post and penetrations with claw in front of wigs either Thompson.

With a palpable improvement in defense compared to the first game and a greater effectiveness from the perimeter, the Mavericks won by 16 points in the middle of the first quarter. However, a 13-0 run, with Curry leading (11 points), allowed the Warriors to withstand the visitor’s push despite committing six turnovers (25-32).

The Mavericks hadn’t invented the wheel, as they resorted to drives and passes for the free 3-pointer, but that plan was working out great for them. Thus, Brunson took over in Doncic’s rest minutes and secondary as Bertanes, Finney-Smith o Bullock showed off their 3-point expertise to open an important gap (34-53 with 7.08 for the break).

Facing some very plugged-in Mavericks, the Warriors had lost the north and Green played with fire by constantly protesting after already receiving a technique. However, Curry put his team back together and the Warriors came into the break with a 58-72 that gave them some hope.

With an aroma similar to the shooting recital of his already unforgettable seventh game against the Phoenix Suns, the bombardment of the triples in the Mavericks (an impressive 15 of 27) was the great protagonist of a first half in which Doncic, that I hit a triple almost from the logo before going to the locker roomHe finished with 24 points to 20 for both Brunson and Curry.

Mavs blackout

The fireworks from the first half suddenly went off at the restart. The Mavericks lost all trace of success in front of the rim and they crashed in a lousy third quarter in which they only scored 5 of 19 shots for a meager 13 points overall.

The Warriors, who saw Green add his fifth foul, jumped at the chance. Without great splendor (10 of 22 in shots) but with a reinforced defense, those of Steve Kerr They cut the difference with their teeth with an unexpected guest, Looney, who with sweat and inspiration in the area contributed 11 points in that third quarter.

The comeback was already brewing and the only good news for those very stuck Dallas was that they kept a minimum margin before the last quarter (83-85). That slight joy did not last long, since a triple of Goalkeeper Jr. He gave the Warriors their first lead of the night right at the start of the final quarter.

With the fans totally dedicated to his team, Poole joined the euphoria of some unleashed Warriors who bordered on +10 without even having Curry and Green on the track. Doncic and Brunson did the rest to cover the many holes in a boat that was trying to stay afloat but Curry, with a triple and a two plus one, sentenced the dallas wreck.


117 rebels (32+40+13+32): Finney Smith (10), Bullock (21), Powell (0), Brunson (31), Doncic (42) -five starting-, Kleber (3), Bertans (6), Dinwiddle (4), Ntilikina (0 ), green (0).

126 Warriors (25+33+25+43): Green (6), Wiggins (16), Looney (21), Curry (32), Thompson (15) -first five-, Porter Jr. (11), Lee (0), Poole (23), Moody (2) .


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