PlayOffs NBA 2022: Curry’s Warriors make a fool of themselves in Memphis: -39 and Morant did not play

PlayOffs NBA 2022: Curry's Warriors make a fool of themselves in Memphis: -39 and Morant did not play

Cwith a beating as amazing as it is incontestable, The Memphis Grizzlies, without the injured Ja Morant, passed this Wednesday over some ridiculous Golden State Warriors (134-95) to stay alive in this Western semifinal (2-3).

Without Steve Kerr on the bench for the second game due to the coronavirus, the Warriors are still ahead and they will be able to close the series on Friday back in San Francisco, but in this fifth game in Memphis They gave an unfortunate and improper image of one of the great contenders for the ring.

It is enough to look at the statistics of the encounter to understand the magnitude of the shipwreck. The Grizzlies had 77 points in the first half, leading by 27 points to break and in the third quarter they came to dominate the scoreboard by a brutal difference of 55 points.

The record for the largest difference at the end of an NBA playoff game is 58 points and tonight it seemed that if they hadn’t relaxed when victory was already tied, the Grizzlies could have beaten that mark without problems.

The long faces of the Warriors contrasted with the euphoria of some Grizzlies spectacular that, in the first three quarters (the last quarter was no longer worth anything with a score of 119-67), they had made 17 of 34 triples and had achieved 29 points from the 20 turnovers of their rivals.

The second quarter was a party for Memphis (39-22) but the third was already the apotheosis (42-17). With all facets of the game under his command, from fighting from rebounding to paint control to intensity on defense, the Grizzlies had seven players over 10 points.

Jaren Jackson Jr., Desmond Bane and Tyus Jones were the best with 21 points apiece with none of them playing more than 25 minutes. Klay Thompson (19 points on 7-for-12 shooting) was the Warriors’ leading scorer but finished his performance with a +/- rating of -45.

Stephen Curry had 14 points (4 of 10 shooting), Draymond Green had 5 points and 5 turnovers and Jordan Poole lost 4 turnovers and only scored 3 points (1 of 6 shooting).

A match without history

The first room was the only one that had a history. Thompson showed he was fine shooting and Curry hit two 3-pointers, but Jackson Jr. had 10 points and led a few Very daring Grizzlies that closed the first quarter with a 9-0 against the lukewarm defense of the Warriors (38-28).

With a stark difference in terms of intensity, speed and rage on every play, the Grizzlies drew a 14-0 run shortly before the break against a Warriors in a coma (77-50).

The humiliation continued after the break for the Warriors and in less than six minutes they conceded another devastating run (23-6). With everything decided, those from San Francisco sent their figures to rest in the middle of the third quarter and They left in the air the disturbing question of whether this overwhelming triumph will mark the path of resurrection for the Grizzlies or if, on the contrary, it will serve to awaken the beast of the Warriors.



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