Playing, children and adults celebrated 2 years of fun in the ‘baqana blocks’ – Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla

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Playing, children and adults celebrated 2 years of fun in the ‘baqana stables’

*’Primera Infancia a tu Cuadra’ celebrates its second anniversary with the participation of children and families from Barranquilla.
*Sesame Workshop delegates were present at the presentation of a project aimed at migrant children, in partnership with the District.

In a block of the José Antonio Galán neighborhood, in the southeast of Barranquilla, children and adults celebrated the second anniversary of ‘Early Childhood on your Block’the strategy that has managed to consolidate taking households recreation, healthy habits, parenting guidelines and education.

Likewise, with ludic-recreational activities in the Las Gardenias, El Bosque, Montecristo and La Playa districts, the #SúmateJugando and #SúmateJugando campaigns were activated. #MiCuadraBacanawith which the District joins the great national mobilization to encourage the physical activitythe loving parenting Y strengthen ties between families in Barranquilla, jointly with the Game and Children Corporation.

“We come to the five towns in the city to play with our boys and girls, and as always their smiles are the best sign that in this ‘Baqana City’ their well-being comes first. It was a moment of family fun, in which we all felt like children again during each game and, through joy and respect, we continued to strengthen a First Class Barranquilla, safe and protected for children”, said the social manager Silvana Puello.

‘Primera Infancia a tu Cuadra’ was born in 2020 as an initiative of the Early Childhood Care program of the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office, highlighting the importance of the game as a tool for fun, recreation and strengthening family ties, having as a principle the good use of time during isolation due to the covid-19 pandemic.

In these 2 years, this strategy has reached 4,581 families, in more than 48 neighborhoodswith directed recreation dynamics and promoting traditional games, with the aim of minimizing risk factors such as overweight and obesity in children between two and five years of age, as well as reinforcing the guarantee of the rights of minors and the importance of co-responsibility of parents and caregivers.

“We celebrate these two years of ‘Primera Infancia a tu Cuadra’ with great joy. We begin with our secretary Santiago Vásquez and our social manager Silvana Puello, visiting the residential complexes of Las Gardenias and Villas de San Pablo; It was very satisfying to see how from the windows they smiled and showed their happiness in those difficult times of confinement. Today, when we are a national vaccination model for children, we can meet them and their families on the blocks to play, paint, sing, dance together and continue contributing to their comprehensive development,” said the director of Early Childhood, Patricia Vargas.

In his turn, the Secretary of Social Management, Santiago Vásquez, stated that “Early Childhood on your Block has become a space for games and fun for the boys and girls who are beneficiaries of the Early Childhood program, their families and the community in general. . Two years ago, children and their parents enjoyed these spaces on the terraces of their houses, or from the windows of buildings, today it is a whole strategy that reaches the baqana blocks of the smallest Barranquilleros to offer them well-being”.

district and Sesame Workshopunited for migrant children

Another gift for children in Barranquilla, in the celebration of their month, is the alliance of the District, through the Early Childhood program and the District ICT Management, with Sesame Workshop, aimed at promoting a project of digital solutions for the learning of migrant children in the city.

In this way, the commitment of Mayor Jaime Pumarejo is ratified so that Barranquilla continues to open its doors to migrant families. 2,463 children in migration status will benefit that belong to the Early Childhood Care program.

“A few years ago, especially when awareness of the migration crisis began, we set out to find a solution to facilitate the closing of gaps in access to educational content for families who were experiencing the greatest forms of adversity. Having found an ally in the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, with the direction of the Early Childhood program, to try to bring these resources closer through innovative technologies in enriched spaces designed for children, is a scenario that we could never have imagined “, said the Director of Education and Community Outreach Sesame WorkshopCarolina Casas.

The contents of Sesame Workshop They are characterized by bringing together in a single space two essential aspects for learning in early childhood: joy and enjoyment. Through these, it manages to reach and connect with children and families through playful-affective, giving them from their content lessons that they can use in their day to day life and that will help them to be more prepared for when they go to school spaces. .

The team of Sesame Workshop, who arrived from New York to Barranquilla led by its vice president John Jepsen, accompanied the tour through the experiences of ‘Early Childhood on your Block’, letting himself be infected by the joy and emotion of the games that make our children vibrate.

All parents are invited to participate from their homes with #MiCuadraBaqana, practicing that favorite game of their childhood with their children and teaching them how to play. To be part of this celebration, you must share videos or photos of the activity on your social networks with the tag #SúmateJugando, mentioning the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, the Secretary of Social Management or the Early Childhood program.


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