‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Reveal: Johnny Depp Shaped Jack Sparrow Against Disney’s Wishes – CINEMABLEND

'Pirates of the Caribbean' Reveal: Johnny Depp Shaped Jack Sparrow Against Disney's Wishes - CINEMABLEND

It is one of the many statements that have come to light as a result of the actor’s trial with Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s relationship in recent weeks has been fully exposed as a result of his trial. Between personal accusations, some juicy statements are sneaking in about aspects of his professional career, especially if we talk about Depp, who has spoken on several occasions about his relationship with Disney and his involvement in the saga. Pirates of the Caribbean.

In addition to noting that he has no interest in returning to the adventure saga, Depp has stated that he was the one who shaped Jack Sparrow, one of the most famous pirates in fiction, and that the studio did not support him too much. as collected Variety, the actor testified about the pride he felt in creating Sparrow and noted that what he thought was very different from what the original script said.

I incorporated my notes into the character and brought him to life, much to Disney’s chagrin initially. I believed in the character wholeheartedly and at first the people at Disney were a little upset

What the interpreter has not said is why Disney was upset with the changes he made. Perhaps his atypical version of a pirate was not what the studio had in mind and could see it as something risky within his family film strategy. We do not know if what the actor says will be true or not, but there is no doubt that the character liked the public.

The first time we met Jack Sparrow was in 2003, with the premiere of The Curse of the Black Pearl, and almost immediately became a very recognizable character in Disney and in the actor’s filmography. Partly thanks to him the franchise was a success and reached 1,000 million dollars in revenue in some deliverieslike in Dead Man’s Chest.

Johnny Depp felt “betrayed” by Disney for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: “Jack Sparrow should have a proper ending”

“Betrayed” by Disney

Another of the revelations that we have been able to learn as a result of the trial is that Depp felt “betrayed” by Disney after the company decided to drop him. The interpreter assures that, after the premiere of Salazar’s Revenge in 2017, the creative team of the saga got in touch with him to talk about pirates of the caribbean 6. There is no official version, but everything seems to indicate that Disney wanted to remove him from the project after Amber Heard published an article in 2018 denouncing her being a victim of gender violence and giving clear examples -although not explicit- of her relationship with Depp .

Depp saw what happened with Disney as a true betrayal and assured that he would not be Jack Sparrow again for “300 million dollars” or “a million alpacas”. This matter has come up in court because he maintains that Amber Heard’s accusations have destroyed his career, his reputation and his life.

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