‘Pig’ Is Nicolas Cage’s Weirdest Movie To Date And It’s Great

'Pig' Is Nicolas Cage's Weirdest Movie To Date And It's Great

Yes, Pig it is one of the cinematographic rarities in which Nicolas Cage usually acts. But it’s also a piece of auteur art that turns the “man out for revenge” trope into a brilliant journey through loneliness. Not an emotional, distressing or philosophical one. Actually, director Michael Sarnoski is more interested in isolation. In the brutal and sometimes primitive patience of a man with a single goal and at the same time, an urgent need to find spiritual purpose. Everything, while searching for his favorite pig.

Does it seem crazy? It could be, if the script failed to skillfully weave elements of its main character’s inner world into staggering complexity. Rob (Cage) lives in a cabin with only one pig, the titular Pig, for company. It is a loving coexistence, but Pig is not the pet and not the substitute for his links with the world. The animal is a prodigious truffle tracker –Rob’s method of livelihood– and also a kind of totem for the character’s mental health. The plot is subtle enough to hint that Rob’s view of Pig is complicated. But at the same time, that he is not the typical one that he could expect.

When Pig is kidnapped, Rob will have to leave his isolation to go in search of him.. But this modern epic isn’t out for brutality or a need to blow up the world. If something confuses and surprises in Pig it is that it defies any prediction or narrative structure on similar topics. And that Nicolas Cage offers one of his most powerful performances, halfway between Santon and Man in Search of Enlightenment. And of course, a creature torn by pain and dull despair.

Pig: the singular sufferings of a lonely

During the last twenty years, Nicolas Cage has participated in all kinds of productions of dubious quality. It also goes through what appears to be an exploration of method acting that takes it to an eccentric and rowdy level. But in Pig he concentrates and meditates on a character that makes him uncomfortable because of his restrained quality. He hardly speaks and when he does, it is to launch sentences of an anguished crudeness. Rob is not a soldier in search of rehabilitation, an amazing subject of surprising and hidden abilities. He is a pig farmer in a world where that is more important than it seems.

Pig was kidnapped by a secret organization of chefs and cooks to which Rob belonged

Because even though the movie doesn’t make it clear, Pig was kidnapped by a secret organization of chefs and cooks to which Rob belonged. Does it seem crazy? It is until the script takes the time and patience to describe what this network of quirky experts really is. In a dirty Portland and shown in stylized dark patchwork, the underworld is a kind of background to the moral. There are rules, regulations, and a curious kind of honor. Also a total greed that Rob will face to bring Pig back.

As if it were certain echoes to the world of sophisticated assassins of John Wick, this lodge related to the pleasure of eating has power. One so definitive as to create the connections that something moves under the daily life of the city. Or is it Rob’s paranoid fantasy? An incomprehensible insight into his isolation? The movie doesn’t make that clear right away, but it does play on the possibility. Only to later come back with the unsettling notion that Rob is actually up against something bigger than himself. That this confrontation can have terrible consequences and that the character will face them as he can and with all the ability at his disposal.

The epic of the woods and unexpected places

Pig it is surprising for its quality of breaking the rhythm and tone of the action genre, to which it does not quite belong. Also, for wrapping the conscious idea about pain, time and isolation in slow layers of humanity that are moving. But the action is there, few scenes but filmed with such skill as to surprise. Time and time again, the film will piece together something more elaborate and eloquent about time, loss, and memory as well. And if that wasn’t enough, the filaments that move under the connotation of purpose.

Nicolas Cage is an unclassifiable actor. His projects are too. Y Pig It meets the requirement of being an incomprehensible narrative phenomenon, as well as a look at naturist cinema and surprises. There is nothing that is not surprising, uncomfortable and moving in the film. And perhaps, that imprint of a work of art in suspense or rather, of a small element without meaning, is your best bet. In the midst of sagas, franchises, reboots and remakes, the notion of brutality and the human in the movie is refreshing. Furthermore, original and powerful on a whole new level that evades simple explanations.


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