Pharmaceutical turnover grows 11% in March

La demanda de fármacos volvió a crecer en marzo y encadena un año de subida

The pharmaceutical industry has closed a full year with positive demand figures in Spain in a context marked by the new control phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Business Figures Index for the manufacture of medicines has grown a 11 percent in the month of March compared to the same moment of the previous year, which represents the twelfth consecutive month with increases.

The data provided by Statistics National Institute (INE) confirm a particularly positive trend in the first quarter of the year when an accumulated variation of the 15.9 percentthanks especially to the good results of January that allowed us to leave behind the moderation of the final phase of 2021. An increase that also coincides with a rebound in manufacturing in these months.

If we look at the statistics of monthly variation, the manufacture of medicines has also led to a slight increase compared to the balance of February. The jump is from 0.3 percentaccording to the statistics on the industry that incorporates the correction factors on seasonal effects and calendar.

The new INE update has confirmed the good situation in which the sector finds itself. To find a negative figure in the interannual series, we must go back to the month of march 2021 when the Turnover Index for drug manufacturing closed with a negative result of 1.5 percent. Since then it has not stopped growing and has seen strong peaks in July either November.

The pharmaceutical industry, in the national average

The pharmaceutical sector grew in March at a rate equivalent to that of all industrial activities operating in Spain. The General Business Figures Index has starred in a 11.3 percent increase in year-on-year terms in the month of March, taking into account the adaptation to the particularities of the calendar. The trend is also similar, with a sum of 13 consecutive months in positive data.

The sector that has rebounded the most in March is that of coke ovens and oil refining who has staged a jump from 93.1 percent at a time marked by the energy crisis resulting from the invasion of Ukraine. The industry has also grown strongly leather and footwear (28.2 percent), that of the transport equipment (28.7 percent), that of the paper (21.8 percent) or the chemistry (18.1 percent).

In a fork similar to that of the evolution of drug manufacturing, there are key sectors such as wood (12.8 percent), the textile (11.8 percent), the metallurgy (11.2 percent), the feeding (10 percent), the metal products (9.5 percent) or the computing (9 percent).

On the other side of the statistics, the poor results of the manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers or semi-trailers who has starred in 18.1 percent loss of its turnover in March or the manufacture of machinery and equipment NEC which has left 4.8 percent.

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