PGA Championship 2022: Southern Hills swallows Jon Rahm

PGA Championship 2022: Southern Hills swallows Jon Rahm

Pnow what Jon Rahm had options, minimal considering the level of Zalatoris or Pereira, in the PGA Championship I needed a great Saturday. because he is not a Major comfortable and of its capabilities there is no doubt. But it didn’t happen, and the impossible South Tulsa Hills swallowed the player’s aspirations Barrel to progress in a ranking not prone to overblown cards.

A course with changeable wind and slow greens in the morning, which unsettled Rahm. In the first nine holes he did not have great starts, and from 1 he saw that not even his long shots were left in good positions. Thus, in the second he lost a blow. Roz discounted it at four, but the short game disappeared. He was not the only one, seeing the drama of Tiger Woods, the bad start of Jordan Spieth or that except for his title at the Mexico Open he had never emerged victorious from his commitments on the green.

And it was not a Rahm with misuse of the putt. Quite the contrary, because at long distances they stayed really close to the target. The problem, yes, was that they did not enter. And when there are flags like the five that equals drama. I saved the water on the tee, but the putt didn’t go in. Another hit on the card, and ruled out of a battle that, except for surprise, will go to double digits.

Rahm best in the final nine, since he was still in a state of spectacular form in the shots from the tee to the green. Although that short game that required long and committed blows prevented any crush. The second hit on the 15th was really positive, since he attacked the flag and showed that his concentration is not in negotiation.

Their 76 in Casa Club and +8 in the tables leave him without options for a great result. The number 1 in the world will not be an option either despite the failure of the holder of the green jacket, Scottie Scheffler, in the first two days. The PGA Championship will continue to belong to those who tamed Southern Hills in the opening days. There will be Adri Arnaus, who is around the Top-10 after a wonderful initial staging. Anything can happen.


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