Peugeot 408. We discover the new French crossover

Peugeot 408. We discover the new French crossover

The next French crossover looks like it will finally be called Peugeot 408. Although perhaps the ‘last name’ Cross is added to his name, for that of giving it, even in the name, a more adventurous character. In the absence of confirming the last name, we are going to start calling him by his name, because there is very little left for us to see him… And we have to start getting familiar with this crossover version of the 308.

And it is that, although there is still no official date, It will be next June when the crossover of the 308 family will be unveiled. A model that joins the range made up of the 308 Hatchback and the 308 SW to possibly become the cornerstone of the Peugeot range.

Because the new model is going to be placed between the 308 and the 3008, as an intermediate version in its style. The 308 with classic bodywork; the 3008 with SUV philosophy and country style, and the 408 straddling both; a kind of hybrid, with a higher body to adopt the design that today triumphs in the automobile sector.

Peugeot 408: the Citroën C5 X of the lion brand?

It will be, saving the distances, the Citroën C5x from Peugeot. Because the chevron model brings together in a single body the characteristics of a sedan, station wagon and crossover which may be what Peugeot is looking for for this new model.

That style is the first thing we notice in the spy photos taken by our colleagues at CarPix. In them we see a silhouette that immediately reminds us of the C5X. Even in that back, where the roof is more extended and offers a certain coupé air that gives it more sportiness.

As for the dimensions, we do not have references to compare, but the information says that will be above 4.5 meters, as in the case of the Citroën model. And that can mean some setback for the Peugeot 508. Because the new Peugeot 408 can start playing in its league and become, in a way, the flagship of the brand.

In addition, because it does so in the segment that is growing the most, where there is more attention and where people are more willing to leave their money: the crossover. Y Compared to the new 408, the 508 exhibits more classic bodies –although very stylish and attractive- such as the sedan and the family.

But let’s not anticipate events. The time will come to place it within the range of the French manufacturer and to face its rivals.

peugeot 408

The 408 bets on plug-in hybrid technology

At the moment, what we can see is a prototype that has plug-in hybrid technology. The logical thing is that the Peugeot 408 range has classic combustion versions – diesel and gasoline – and also plug-in hybrid alternatives. It is not planned, at least for now, to have a fully electric variant.

Although we will not rule it out, since the Peugeot 308 from which it derives, will have a one hundred percent electric version shortly. But that will come later. for now, 225 horsepower looks like it will be the maximum power level the 408 PHEV will offer.

It does not seem that they are going to bet on Peugeot for some type of light hybridization that could guarantee the ECO label. Although in the Stellantis group there are already these alternatives based on the FCA platforms –Alfa Tonale or the Jeep range They use 48-volt mild hybrid technology. But it does not seem that this Peugeot, developed on the same platform as EMP2-V3 from which the Peugeot 308, the DS4 or the Opel Astra are born, is going to have this technology.

Regarding the launch of the new Peugeot 408, It will not be until 2023, at the beginning of the year, when it reaches the market. But from next month we will see it, we will know its style and its details. And maybe before we still have the opportunity to see some more prototypes to be able to fine-tune its details.


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