“Perfume and cosmetic brands demand environmentally friendly packaging”

En la imagen, Xavier Pascual, director de Hispack 2022.

From May 24 to 27, Hispack 2022 is celebrated, organized by Fira de Barcelona. At this event, brands and manufacturers of perfumery, cosmetics and personal care products will find packaging solutions, closure and dosage systems and customized labeling, as well as equipment and technology for filling, packaging and processing. Its director for 16 years, Xavier Pascual, explains some of the keys and content that will mark this edition that highlights the strategic role of packaging when it comes to innovating.

What expectations do you have for Hispack 2022 in terms of participation and represented brands?

Four years have passed since the last edition and we see that there is a lot of desire for the fair to see and touch novelties, exchange experiences and meet again with customers, suppliers and other professionals. Companies in the packaging industry trust Hispack to increase sales and business contacts and regain visibility in the market after the covid break. We will fill two pavilions of the fairgrounds with more than 600 direct exhibitors, from twenty countries, and we will exceed 1,100 represented brands. We will have a strong fair, with good representation of the entire packaging value chain and this will undoubtedly help the sector to project its growth potential and move forward on the path to normality.

How have they adapted the fair to the current situation? What aspects will the next edition of Hispack focus on?

Hispack wants to help companies leave the effects of the pandemic behind. But the context we are in requires quick results. We come from two years of enormous complexity and the current moment adds new derivatives such as legislative changes, circular economy strategies and the increase in energy and raw material costs that also influence the world of packaging. For this reason, we have designed a Hispack with a very practical approach that allows our visitors to explore, select and acquire the best solutions for the entire life cycle of containers and packaging that help them innovate and adapt to the new regulatory framework and the demands of the market. consumer. We have also prepared a program of training activities adapted to each professional profile that visits us so that they take away useful knowledge for their day-to-day activities. We are going to focus on sustainability, on new materials, on the digitization and automation of processes, on the connection of packaging equipment and technology for coding, marking, labeling, anti-counterfeiting and security systems.

In your opinion, what does the consumer value most in the field of luxury packaging for perfumery and cosmetics?

I think the famous principle of “less is more” returns. Consumers value minimalist and sober designs, but they also especially appreciate originality, functionality and that the packaging is capable of surprising them, and more so in a sector as competitive as cosmetics with continuous launches.

“Professionals in the cosmetics sector will find nearly 200 companies of interest at Hispack 2022”

Where are the trends heading in terms of perfumery and cosmetics packaging?

Sustainability is setting the trend. Perfumery and cosmetics brands demand containers that respect the environment, made with recyclable or biodegradable materials. Demand is growing in the sector for packaging solutions made of paper, wood, molded cellulose pulp, plastics recovered from the sea and bioplastics, some of them biodegradable and/or compostable, made with vegetable waste from fruits, mushrooms, bamboo, hemp, etc. sugar cane, rice, algae or mushrooms. Also of water-soluble packaging, cardboard packaging with seeds, wood, cork… But, above all, it is noted that recycled plastic is imposed and that there is a greater predisposition to use mono-material packaging. Another trend that is here to stay is the reuse of packaging. There are already many options for refillable cosmetics and refill systems. This filling can be done through dispensers in the establishment itself or through the purchase of spare parts to refill the original container.

What can a fair like Hispack contribute to brands and suppliers of cosmetic and personal care products?

The possibility of seeing in a single space the latest innovations in packaging on the market and finding tailor-made solutions to help them innovate their products. You will find all kinds of packaging formats, bottles, jars, jars, sticks, airless, dosing systems, buckets, spatulas, refills, labeling, cases, boxes, packaging for ecommerce, POS displays, etc. Also original and creative premium solutions with which to stand out and differentiate yourself to win over a more eco-conscious consumer. At the same time, they will find knowledge forums and networking activities at the fair to find inspiration and share experiences, such as the presentation organized by Stanpa, with whom we have a collaboration agreement, on opportunities and innovative initiatives in cosmetic packaging. They will be able to update their knowledge on sustainability, branding, materials, user experience and customization, among many other topics.

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