“People now have to have fun”

“People now have to have fun”

An enormous desire to spend a party day, without the rain preventing it. The damm factory this Sant Jordi was filled, in the different activities that had been organized. long queues for get Loquillo’s signature, which has just published a biography written by Felipe Cabrerizo. The two signed, chatted and took photos with entire families, while next door, in the Market, others bought books and vinyl records. The message from Loquillo, who lives in San Sebastián, but is aware of everything that happens in Barcelona, ​​was clear: “People now have to have fun”.

The rain was getting heavier, but it also allowed various respite throughout the day. And that allowed young people and couples in their forties to fill the courtyard of the Damm factory with food and drink stalls. The atmosphere was rock concertclose to summer. The most fans gathered in the performance of Mishima, David Carabén’s band. But there was something for everyone, with names like Joan Dausà, La Pegatina, Blaumunt, Ferran Palau or Sara Roy.

LOQUILLOS1Untitled 1
Loquillo, with Felipe Cabrerizo, author of ‘Loquillo’, the biography of the artist, at the Damm factory / MA

It was Sant Jordi and there were roses, but the day was taken as a great preview of the summer months, with young people eager for fun, without masks and with music as a great attraction. Loquillo, who had other commitments to sign Cabrerizo’s book in other parts of the city, took advantage of his moment, with clear messages to those who approached to have fun and love rock music.


Old rockers and families with children lined up, with significant records under their arms and illustrations with the image of Loquillo. One of them released the most awaited vinyl, The times they Are a changingfrom 1980, an album that includes songs that the artist has never stopped singing in live concerts, such as Cadillac Solitaire, Rock and Roll Star, or This is not Hawaii (What Wai). Loquillo explained to the veteran rocker that his photo on the cover was taken in the royal square, where the soldiers of the United States went to listen to rock, those who visited Barcelona as members of the Sixth American Fleet.

WITH DAMMSuntitled 1
Concertgoers at the Damm factory in Sant Jordi / MA

And from the queue with Loquillo, with the book under his arm, the families were preparing to eat at the food truck stops and listen to the music that came from two venues, one outdoors, although quiet and that was well received when the rain increased, and another interior, with an atmosphere more typical of a night rock concert. With a festive air, in Sant Jordi, young people and mature couples came and went from one side to the other, with a feeling that we must take advantage of the new moment: the beginning of a complicated spring, with strong inflation, with great uncertainty still , with a war on the European continent, but also with the end of the pandemicwithout the need to wear masks indoors.


Loquillo, also aware of the political and social circumstances in Barcelona in the last ten years, radiated joy, with that idea that people, despite everything, should have fun, take things a little more lightly, let go and feel life.

food truckUntitled 1
Attendees on Sant Jordi day at the Damm factory / MA

And that was what the Damm factory was all about, with live music, with young people willing to sing all the songs.


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