Pedro Infante refused to kiss this actress of the Cine de Oro for this reason

Pedro Infante refused to kiss this actress of the Cine de Oro for this reason

Called the idol of Mexico or The Immortal, Pedro Infante He was an actor and singer gold cinema that marked a generation and continues to captivate many of its fans with its stories, such as the one told by the reason by which refused to kiss a beautiful actress of the time.

Pedro Infante Cruz, the actor’s full name, was born on November 18, 1917 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. His first film role was as an extra in the film “En un burro tres baturros” (1939), and he participated in other films with secondary characters, including “El organillero”, “Podes irte de mí” and “La Flower Fair”.

Why did Pedro Infante refuse to kiss the beautiful actress?

One of the first leading roles Peter interpreted was that of Valentín Terrazas, in the film “Jesusita in Chihuahua” of 1942, directed by René Cardona, where he had to interpret love scenes, which he was not used to, such as kissing his co-stars.

According to an anecdote told by the actor himself, since it was one of his first major roles, he was afraid of doing it wrong, and the scenes in which he had to kiss to one beautiful actress were the most complicated, to the extent that he refused to re-record the scene in which he had to kiss Susana Corawho gave life to Teresa Marroquín.

In the story, the character of Infant wins the municipal presidency in a town in Chihuahua. In an inter-party fight he is injured and his political opponent takes care of him. The woman he loves feigns contempt for him and when she sees him close to death she confesses that she loves him.

When the actor recorded the first scene in which he had to kiss a cora, René Cardona did not like it, because he thought that Pedro did not see the passion that Valentín felt for Teresa, so he asked to repeat the scene. On the second attempt, Infante failed again, because he was afraid of hurting or disturbing his co-star, so he refused to do it again.

Finally, Peter he took strength and did it again, and this time he did it well and with so much energy that he felt that Susana Cora might be upset or offended, however, the actress was calm and the filming continued.

Susana Cora was Infante’s partner in “Jesusita en Chihuahua”. Photo: Special

Who was Susana Cora?

Susana Cora de la Rosa was born in Mexico City on May 24, 1919. He appeared in eighteen films with leading and supporting roles. She was the daughter of General Luis Amezcua and married to Charles ‘Chick’ Hill, the brother of Virginia Hill, Bugsy Siegel’s last girlfriend.

After he left the artistic world, he lived for many years in the port of Acapulco. The beautiful actress died at the age of 69 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on August 17, 1988.


The famous actress of the Mexican Cinema who was married to a successful businessman; she also had an adopted daughter



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