Owner of Riu drives his crowded parties in the Caribbean as a DJ

Owner of Riu drives his crowded parties in the Caribbean as a DJ

The owner of Riu, Luis Riu, who has the chain with the most rooms in Cancun, is promoting the ‘Riu Party’ in his role as DJ, with the premiere in Punta Cana of a series of parties enlivened by his music in which managed to gather more than 2,500 people.

Luis Riu himself explains that “the Riu Party, which is a project that I like very much and that was born from my passion for music and my hobby as a DJ, and also because I can announce, not only the return of the parties after almost two years of hiatus due to COVID, but also many plans to take the Riu Party to more destinations».

“Three years after launch of the Riu Parties continue to be a unique concept. They are high-quality parties because of the space specifically created for them, because of the scenery, the DJs, the sound and special effects, as well as the animation and dancers. They are parties like you only see in the big clubs in the world. With the advantage that they are in your own hotel and are part of Riu’s All Inclusive offer”, reveals the hotelier.

Luis Riu assures that “we all want to go out and enjoy ourselves, people are eager to party, and we are noticing that a lot at the Riu Parties, which already have the massive attendance that we experienced two years ago. And it is that their figures are dizzying ».

«A few weeks ago I got on the decks in Punta Cana to celebrate this return. I was in two sessions, the Pink Party on Friday and the Neon Party on Saturday. The first is during the day, and the second at night and each day about 2,500 people passed through the party. The energy that is created is brutal. There is a great atmosphere, there is no crowd, there is only party, dance and fun, “says the owner of the chain.

Luis Riu emphasizes that “the concept was born when we want to turn traditional animation in the hotel upside down and for that we make the client go from being the spectator to being the protagonist. The fun is multiplied when one can dance and participate. It is incredible how in a few seconds hundreds of arms come together to follow a simple choreography. At times like this, being in the DJ booth is a privilege because the atmosphere is so special.”

The hotelier points out that the “Riu Pool Party is working 100% at the Riu Santa Fe hotel, where customers from the three hotels in the destination go, and in Punta Cana, where customers from the five hotels in the complex meet, in addition to the guests of the Riu Republica, from where more than 500 people arrive at each Riu Party thanks to the free bus service».

In addition to the Riu Pool Parties, the Riu Get Together Parties are being held at the Riu Guanacaste, for the two hotels in Costa Rica; at the Riu Tequila, for all clients of the six hotels in Playa del Carmen; at the Riu Jalisco hotel, where they go from the other two Riu hotels in Nuevo Vallarta, and finally at the Riu Republica, which in addition to the opportunity to go to the Riu Pool Party at the Riu Complex in Punta Cana, has its own parties at home.

Luis Riu points out in his blog that “what began as a test in Los Cabos, is now present in five destinations, and in a few months it will be in eight. When that happens, the Riu Parties will already be part of the offer of 28 Riu hotels. In hotels, almost 30%, while in number of rooms, about 40% of the chain’s offer will already include this exclusive service.


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