one of the most daring and extravagant science fiction films of recent years leaves the platform in just over 48 hours

one of the most daring and extravagant science fiction films of recent years leaves the platform in just over 48 hours

The trend of the current blockbuster is generally that it does not bother, even if it does not really leave a residue. Sci-fi worlds that later seem very limited in imaginationvery common due to the elimination of stridencies, very muted in colors. Extravagances are tried to remove from the established formula to be able to feign a seriousness that is later artificial.

There is fear when trying to launch into a daring proposal with really distinctive elements, perhaps for fear of mockery in Twitter clips devoid of context that go viral, as if it were a sin to make decisions outside the conventional. So the audacity of some crazy filmmakers is to be appreciatedeven if they end up falling into an irregular result, to shape proposals such as ‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets‘.

‘The Fifth Element’ was just the beginning

With mixed reviews and not a terrible but insufficient box office, the film by lucas besson ran into some misunderstanding with its release in 2017. It was no longer 1997, when the director was able to get away with making an extravaganza like ‘The fifth element‘. The French made a film that stood out as unconventionaland that daring is the best argument to see it on Netflix before it leaves the platform on Saturday, May 21.

‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ introduces us to two space agents, played by Dane DeHaan Y Cara Delevingnewho are assigned to the impressive and expansive metropolis called Alpha, where species from all over the universe converge in harmony and cooperation. A mysterious dark force conspires to disrupt this achieved peace, and these agents must counteract it to save the city and the entire universe.

All the elements for a space-opera binge that it is not cut off in shaping structures and impressive creaturesalmost impossible beyond the elastic limits of the imagination. Building on the seminal graphic novel by Jean-Claude MezieresBesson shows on screen a universe so colorful, bizarre and unique that even the presence of Rihanna it is just one more element of this incredible puzzle of a thousand pieces.

‘Valerian and the city of a thousand planets’: science fiction without limits

There is a sequence that takes place on a lavish beach full of pearls and rare creatures that shows all of Besson’s ambition in this film, both in effects and spectacle. Only a somewhat irregular development throughout its two-odd hours of footage separates it from be a blockbuster as festive and majestic as it is brilliantperhaps able to look other notable displays like ‘Avatar’ in the eye.

All in all, it’s still a fascinating piece of science fiction, is not afraid to take risks and propose daring that defies the comfort zone of the average viewer. He was not that far from being successful in the task, but the perception of failure prevented him from continuing. Fortunately, we can continue to enjoy it through the platforms, even if it is for a limited time.

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