“One of the first cases in Latin America after MeToo”: the Nicolás López case crosses borders and the international press echoes his sentence


The Nicolás López case crosses borders. After learning that the filmmaker was sentenced to five years and one day in prison by the Oral Criminal Trial Court of Viña del Mar –for two sexual abuses committed between 2015 and 2016–, the news spread beyond the local level.

This deployment includes some of the main Hollywood film portals, the same ones that years ago detailed the details of the new projects of López and his defunct company Sobras abroad.

“Chilean filmmaker Nicolás López sentenced to five years in prison for sexual abuse,” Variety reported. The specialized media called it “one of the first high-profile sexual assault cases in Latin America after the #MeToo reckoning.”

Along with specifying the sentence and remembering the origin of the complaints in 2018, I also point to what seems to be an irony: “Unfiltered Y I am not crazy they are about women and their right to speak their minds. They were both part of a female-focused trilogy that he had planned.”

In addition, the portal recalled his projects with Eli Roththe director and actor known in Hollywood thanks to titles like lodging house (2005) years Inglorious Bastards (2009). The American director was associated with López in several films starting with the apocalyptic film Replica (2012) and, since the accusations were revealed, he has not spoken publicly about his judicial situation.

That same history is reviewed by Deadline, another of the most important media in the North American industry. “Nicolás López, the Chilean director who collaborated with Eli Roth in writing and directing the film Replica (2012) and the Roth film knock Knock (2015), starring Keanu Reeves and Ana de Armas, was sentenced to five years in prison in Chile on Monday after being found guilty of sexual assault against two actresses.

Eli Roth and Lopez on the set of Aftershock.

“When he was accused for the first time, in June 2018, López was the most successful Chilean filmmaker at the box office,” the AP agency reported in a note that was later replicated by renowned media such as The Washington Post and ABC News.

After pointing out complaints from four years ago, that article pointed out that “other actresses came to her defense”, in reference to the testimonies in favor of the director that Paz Bascuñán, Ignacia Allamand and Loreto Aravena gave during the trial.


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