One of Netflix’s most successful movies will have its long-awaited sequel

One of Netflix's most successful movies will have its long-awaited sequel

After the box office success and critical acclaim of the original, Lionsgate and Amazon Studios have finally confirmed the sequel to in simple favor (A simple favor), the thriller they starred in Blake Lively Y Anna Kendrick in 2018, under the direction of Paul Feig. According to what Deadline’s sources have said, the trio in question would appear to be back, along with the screenwriter Jessica Sharzer (Nerve, Nine Perfect Strangers).

The first movie, released 4 years ago, follows a widowed mom with a cooking blog named Stephanie (Kendrick), who befriends Emily (Lively) an upper-class woman with whom she shares the same elementary school as her children. Emily has a successful career, a loving family, and a glamorous lifestyle. However, things go awry when she goes missing, leading Stephanie to investigate what really happened, and she also meets Emily’s handsome husband, Sean (Henry Golding).



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