One night in a nearby desert (without leaving Spain)

One night in a nearby desert (without leaving Spain)

A few months ago few people were able to place the Coloraos desert on the map. But that’s history. The British series Black Mirror, with millions of followers on the planet, has made this spectacular enclave, divided between the Granada municipalities of Gorafe and Villanueva de las Torreshas become that place to go to feel that one really is in the middle of nowhere. And it is right there, in that nothingness, where the house rises in which the protagonist isolates himself for ten days to meditate. So no, he’s not in Utah, as fiction would have us believe.

Is named The Desert House and it is a glass construction that merges with the landscape without allowing the passage of cold or heat into its interior. Raised on a wooden structure, it is a 20 square meter space in which the bedroom, bathroom and living area are distributed. Although it is not a hotel, it is possible to stay in it for a maximum of two nights. The idea of ​​the project, carried out by Guardian Glass, is to demonstrate that it is possible to live in adverse areas like this one, extremely arid. For this, it has ultra-resistant glass, a water filtering system, another for energy production and solar panels.

The Coloraos desert is one of those wonderful corners that the province of Granada hides. It is called like this because of the reddish tone that predominates in the environment, full of canyons and towering cliffs. The sunset here is magical, the most awaited moment for those who stay in El Torriblanco Cave Housewith a terrace-viewpoint from which you can see, in the background, Sierra Nevada. There are three caves (El Torriblanco, El Alcaraván and La Calandria), prepared to accommodate between two and six people. Each one has a wood-burning fireplace in front of which total peace is achieved. Calm is what the guests of Cortijo Oro Verde are looking for, and find, in Tabernas (Almería), a town around which extends the only true desert area on the European continent.

Gullies, fairy chimneys, microcraters… Incredible geological formations follow one another before our eyes. To discover them, a good operations center is this hotel, an oasis with a spectacular garden and three rooms. Another farmhouse, that of The Malenosbuilt in whitewashed stone, it serves to enter the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Parkalso in Almeria. The extremely white rooms open onto three patios with fountains. One of them, painted in pink, is surrounded by walls that protect guests from the wind, so they can have breakfast outdoors in the winter months. Dinners are served by the fireplace in cooler times. In the same area, La Almendra y el Gitano proposes the best plan: look towards the horizon without roads and bricks in sight. It has double rooms and suites, some with a Jacuzzi installed under the huge windows.

Of views boasts one of the most special hotels in our geography, Bardenas Airin a wheat field next to the Bardenas Reales Natural Parksoutheast of Navarre. The erosion of the clay, gypsum and sandstone soils has sculpted capricious shapes creating a world with an almost lunar appearance populated by ravines and solitary hills. Its rooms are bright and peculiar. Some are cube-shaped, others have an outdoor bathtub… there are even bubble-shaped ones, to better contemplate the stars and those mythical sunrises that can only be experienced in the desert. Also in this it is possible to stay in cave houses.

That is the proposal of Bardenas Caveswhich offers nine charming accommodations with capacity for between two and seven people. The most romantic? La Cueva Suite Passion Bardenera, with Japanese bed and hydromassage bathtub. Dug into the mountain there is another surprise, but a little further. You have to go to Tardienta, in Huescato find the Hotel Cueva del Desierto de los Monegros, in the depression of the Ebro valley, pure steppe landscape. It offers eight rooms, each one painted in a different color, and the furniture has been brought from Marrakesh, except for the wrought iron beds, design pieces by Aragonese artists.

Unamuno affirmed that Fuerteventura was an oasis in the desert of civilization and the dunes of Corralejo are, without a doubt, the maximum exponent of that desert. An ocean of sand, located in the northern municipality of La Oliva, which flows into endless beaches. Just a few steps away there are hotels for all tastes. The Barcelo Corralejo Sandswith a spectacular Spa, it is perfect for families, and the Avanti Hotel Boutique, with a penthouse with Jacuzzi, for couples. At the southern end of the island, on the Jandía peninsula, lies half of the remains of a volcanic caldera. The other half sleeps under the sea. Unique beaches such as Cofete await those who stay at the Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace, with rooms and suites with large windows to contemplate the land, the sea and the sky.


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