OCU: The OCU warns of the problem that can complicate your summer vacations

OCU: The OCU warns of the problem that can complicate your summer vacations

doYou’re thinking about rent a car for the holidays Of summer? Well the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has sent a message to all drivers who need to use this formula for their journeys: anticipate the possible lack of vehicles.

This is a phenomenon that was already experienced last year, as collateral effect of the end of the pandemic and that could be repeated this 2022. For this reason, the OCU has recommended book as soon as possible the vehicle before the possible shortage as the most conflictive weeks approach.

Less car supply also in 2022

The rental companies have not been oblivious to the different crisis that have been primed with the automobile industry. He too microchip shortage has caused that the renewal and/or expansion of their fleets have sufferedboth in 2021 and 2022, since the deficiency has not been resolved.

Rental companies are reducing their purchases… and there may be few cars available.

Therefore, it is possible that this year also the demand for rental cars during the holiday periods exceeds the supplyespecially when they join this market foreign tourists – whose strength is expected to increase this year – which can cause real headaches for families.

This excess demand, additionally, can shoot pricesso the recommendation to rent in advance can also be a economic advantagein addition to the main one: to insure the vehicle for the rest dayseither.

Leasing purchases plummet

If we take a look at the first quarter statistics of the year in Spain we will better understand what is happening. the channel of rental companies have contracted in our country no less than 55% compared to 2021 (with a decrease of 40% in April), clearly surpassing individuals (-1.3%) or companies (-2.8%).

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Summer vacations can be more troublesome…and more expensive.

Beware of insurance policies

Consumers have also taken the opportunity to reiterate other recommendations related to the rent a carspecifically those referring to the insurance that these models carry.

The OCU has remembered that it cannot be forced to extend the basic cover of the compulsory insurance, although it may be recommended, since 7% of users warn of accidents or incidents while using the car. When contracting this insurance, it is convenient check that the deductible “is not excessive”since comprehensive insurance with excesses of more than 1,000 euros are not uncommon.



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