Not vaccinated? Twenty destinations to travel | Hotel News

 Not vaccinated?  Twenty destinations to travel |  Hotel News

Since this month, Greece has been the last country to join a list of tourist destinations to which you can travel without even presenting a vaccination certificate, much less a PCR test, and you do not have to fill out a declaration online with the data for prevention before a problem with the Covid. This is the list compiled by L’Echo Touristique de France, which warns that this is the scenario today, although many of these countries warn that they can change their requirements if there is a change in the pandemic. (The massive reopening of borders encourages the tourism sector)

These are the destinations (and their demands for Europeans).

Greece asks for nothing. Croatia, whose first attraction is Dubrovnik, either, except identity documentation. You also don’t have to wear masks. Slovenia removed all restrictions also at the end of April. Always in the Balkans, Montenegro does not require any health documentation either, but the mask is still mandatory on public transport. In Bulgaria, all health restrictions were also lifted, and the mask is recommended, but not mandatory.

Already crossing the Atlantic, Mexico is accessible without restrictions. The same goes for Costa Rica, where you do not have to do anything to enter the country. Before, a pass plus insurance was required, but now nothing. Jamaica also has no restrictions. However, there are quite strict regulations in the event that a traveler becomes infected during their stay in the country.

Closer, Switzerland. Since February there are no restrictions in this country. Nor do you have to wear masks, except in transport. Next door, Austria. Just a week ago nothing was required to enter, but a mask – and not just any mask – is still mandatory on transport. In Poland you do not have to present anything, but there are some restrictions on mobility in the areas of the eastern border, with Belarus and Ukraine, although not due to Covid. The Czech Republic allows uncontrolled entries from April 9. The same goes for the UK. In Ireland, since March 6 all health restrictions have been lifted. Logically Sweden, which has always had tremendous laxity with the virus, has no restrictions. Norway has no restrictions either. In Finland, the same, although the authorities reserve the possibility of carrying out controls. Iceland has everything open without limitations from February 25.

And, finally, from a distance, Vietnam doesn’t demand anything either and Mongolia doesn’t either.


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