Northman could be a huge box office flop

Northman could be a huge box office flop

Despite how much it seems to be talking about the new Robert Eggers movie, everything points to it being a huge box office flop for his studio and this director. The fourth month of the year is not one that studios fight to release their movies, but this time it has been quite busy, perhaps because several films had been delayed due to the pandemic. This time, we have movies like Sonic 2: The Movie – 85% and Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets – 50% among those that have taken the most people to the cinema and are among the most commented on these days.

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However, another film that has been talked about since its premiere is El Hombre del Norte – 87%, Eggers’ third work and yet another where he meets Anya Taylor-Joy after having collaborated together on what was their first film. Starring Alexander Skarsgård, this film blends suspense with historical drama by bringing to the big screen the epic story of a Viking prince, Amleth, who sets out on a quest for revenge after the death of his father. Set in the 10th century, it looked very promising both for its story and for its director and cast, but the opposite is happening.

The first reviews ensured a resounding success. The trailers advanced a kind of Viking blockbuster with the character of an independent film and a prodigious visual section. The presence of Robert Eggers in directing, the man behind The Witch and The Lighthouse, made for special interest. The cast, headed by Skarsgård, Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke, presaged a success with the public. And it is that, despite all this, nothing has saved the premiere of Focus Features from being a resounding failure at the box office.

It has been reported that The Northman it cost between US$70 million and US$90 million, but its collection after a week of its premiere shows no signs that at least what its production cost can be recovered. According to data from Box Office Mojothe film has grossed a total of US$8.4 million worldwide, of which US$5 million has come from the domestic box office.

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According to slash-film, before the pandemic the budget was US$65 million, but the current situation contributed to inflation to the point of calculating some US$90 million, and that, as you know, marketing expenses are not included. The film, curiously, seems to have had a pretty decent campaign, perhaps not based solely on having certain names in its cast. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have worked despite the fact that it seemed that it was going to be a success.

It is undoubtedly worrying, since this month it seems to be one of the few original films to reach the theater billboard among so many sequels. With this information in mind, it is likely that The Northman must make at least US$300 million for it not to be considered a failure. This shows that even if it is an original film that promises higher art than others, people are still very selective in the age of the pandemic when it comes to going to the movies.

It is projected that the new Robert Eggers raking in $12.5 million at the domestic box office these days. That’s far from other releases from the same studio, but The north man It’s not a typical movie. The company gave this project an extensive promotional campaign, with numerous television commercials, and not even this, nor the fact that it has an R rating, has been able to attract enough attention to convince the public.

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