“Nobody has more raw talent in F1 than Norris”


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Lando Norris returns to lead the McLaren team at this start of the season, being the driver who is achieving the most performance in his car. Since McLaren they are aware of this, and Zak Brown mentions that there is no one better than him currently.

Norris is the leader again

Lando Norris is once again the leader of McLaren. In the first five races, the young Briton has a total of 35 points, compared to the 11 points achieved by his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. In addition, Lando has already achieved his first podium this season in Emilia Romagna.

Since McLaren they are aware of this, and Zak Brown, the team’s CEO, mentioned that there is currently no driver better than him: “Yes, in my opinion, there is no one better than him currently in Formula 1. It’s incredibly fast. But there are a lot of fast drivers in Formula 1.”

“I think what impresses me most about Lando is how few mistakes he makes. He goes beyond the limits of the track, but you don’t often see him crash or go off the tarmac. In terms of pure natural talent, I think nobody has more than him in Formula 1.assured the American.

Norris is ready to win

Zak Brown also comments that Lando Norris is ready to get his first victory in Formula 1. He remembers that the last Russian Grand Prix, in which he took pole position and led the vast majority of laps, would have won it if not for the rain in the last laps.

“I think that as long as we continue to progress, he will be convinced that his victory is not that far away. Could have won three races in a row last year. In Monza, she separated very little from Daniel. In Russia, without the wrong decision to enter he would have won. And in Spa, he was by far the fastest in qualifying until his accident”Zack declared.

“In short, I thinkhe’s ready to win, we just have to put him in a position so he can win. What seems complicated at the moment, because the supremacy of Ferrari and Red Bull is clear “Brown concluded.

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