New Pre-Trip 3: the 6 key points of the new edition to travel only in low season

New Pre-Trip 3: the 6 key points of the new edition to travel only in low season

The program Pre-Tripwhat returns 50% of expenses in national tourism in the form of credit that can be used once on the trip, will be launched this year with a third edition: this was confirmed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in charge of Matas Lammens.

However, this new edition will differ from the first two that took place in the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 summer seasons, respectively: while the previous two programs applied for trips between November and Februarynow PreTrip 3 will also take into account low seasons.

New Pre-Trip 3: the return of 50% of tourism expenses returns, how to take advantage of it for the low season

New Pretrip 3: when can it be used, where and everything that is known about the program

The objective of this program extension is to promote tourism throughout the country not only in the typical summer resorts, but also in less visited localities pto grow local industries. In addition, it also seeks to support the injection of money in tourism in the less crowded months.

Although the guidelines of the new Pre-Trip have not yet been made official, it is expected that the announcement will be made shortly for the program to start running after winter break, the mid-year high season. With this in mind, stand out 6 points to get the most out of the Pre-Trip as soon as it is announced.



It should be considered that the lenders -who offer tourist services- Must be pre-registered for the program so that the beneficiaries can access it. It is necessary to pay attention to this point since, in case of making a purchase in a non-adhered business and/or company, Previous travel will not apply neither to generate credit nor to spend it.

The same official website of the Ministry of Tourism highlights it: “It is important to note that the consumers they will not be able to accredit their vouchers until the registration of the providers is confirmed.

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In addition, providers must be registered with the AFIP and “stay up to date with the corresponding qualifications and inscriptions in national, provincial and/or municipal registries“.

So, if you plan to access Previaje, it is necessary Consult who offers the corresponding tourist service if they are adhered to the program. In previous editions, the official website of the program also made it possible to search for participating providers, so this will probably be applied again for the 3rd edition.


The Pre-Trip program is highly demanded throughout the country and purchases must be made in advance to obtain the corresponding credit according to the date of travel. This is how every beneficiary who wishes to access must be clear about when they will go on vacation in order to book fast -mainly on the most required dates of the year such as the month of January- and thus be able to receive the benefit.

Bearing in mind that the new edition of the Pre-Trip that the Ministry of Tourism will launch in the coming months will not only apply to high seasons but also to low seasons, demand in the latter is usually lower, so much advance notice is probably not required. to the reserve. Different is the case of the high season, be it summer or winter.

The same site of the program asks at the time of registering the exact date of travel since that defines until what date they can upload receipts of purchase and when can start using credit.


In the previous edition, not all the services that gave Pre-Trip credit had the same maximum amount: those that usually generate larger expenses, such as transfers, stays or travel agency services, granted up to $100,000 return per purchase. Meanwhile, the “smaller” expenses -entertainment, gastronomy, transportation in the place and excursions- paid up to $5,000 per purchase, always considering a return of 50% of expenses.

As an example: if $15,000 is spent on entertainment and gastronomy (the vouchers can be collected), the return would still be $5,000 and not $7,500 (50%) since the amount exceeds the maximum limit. On the other hand, in the event of making a disbursement of $80,000 during the stay, the return would be $40,000 (50%), since the maximum is not exceeded.


Regarding the minimum amountsthe regulations of the last edition established that, to access the benefit, it was necessary to present one or more purchases totaling at least $10,000. However, all submitted invoices must prove expenses greater than $ 1000. To illustrate, it was not possible to charge an expense for $9,500 and another for $500 in the sector since the latter would not be considered.


The benefits granted within Pre-Trip 2 had a $5,000 minimum and $100,000 maximum per person over 18 years of age. For a family group made up of several people over 18, each member could generate profit as long as the invoice was issued in their name.

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In this way, in the event that 50% of a purchase cannot be returned because it exceeds the maximum limits, they could charge in the name of another person over 18 years of age in the group To travel.


As in the first two editions, for PreTrip 3, credit will be given through a preloaded card granted by Banco Nacin or through your virtual wallet (BNA+). After entering the receipts into the system that still has to be put into operation, the approved credit will be charged on the day the trip begins.



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