New destinations are outlined as an alternative to the trip to Bariloche

New destinations are outlined as an alternative to the trip to Bariloche

Monday, April 25, 2022 | 5:30 a.m.

In recent years, the graduate trip to Bariloche has become a luxury that is increasingly difficult to access due to costs, especially if the expense of the reception party is added to that. Thus, in a scenario of constant inflation and battling the negative impact of the Covid pandemic on the economy, student tourism companies have been adapting and expanding their range of offers.

And as alternatives to Bariloche, taking into account that around 150 thousand pesos per student this 2022 and 210 thousand pesos next year, other destinations such as Córdoba, Villa Gesell, Mar del Plata, Puerto Iguazú and City of Buenos Aires (Caba ), which can vary -depending on the package- between 30 and 60 thousand pesos.

“Market studies are being carried out in this regard and destinations are being enabled based on demand. Before the pandemic, there was a furor over Camboriú (Brazil), especially for provinces where cold weather prevails,” Valeria Do Santos, Director of Auditing for the province’s Ministry of Tourism, told El Territorio, speaking to El Territorio. He referred to the importance of reviewing the details of the contract before signing.

Asked about destinations that are emerging as a trend, the official said: “I can only respond based on the destinations that companies enable; I think a lot has to do with what the destination offers, making good supplier contacts and putting together a competitive package”.

In that sense, he explained that “Iguazú is new and comes with great force to be able to consolidate student tourism. Salta is another new destination for student tourism, it also comes along the same lines. Then for seventh grade trips there are more like Sierra de la Ventana, Esteros del Iberá, Santa Teresita, San Ignacio, Tigre”.

Meanwhile, he remarked: “Destinations especially for the fifth year are Bariloche, Villa Gesell, Mar del Plata, Puerto Iguazú and Caba”.

“There are eight authorized companies, but we are aware that there are three companies that have already presented the renewal of the student tourism certificate. The National Ministry of Tourism is very delayed in this regard, it is almost four months of waiting. That is to say that three more are with everything that must be presented, but Nation is delayed in that sense due to several changes that have been made, ”he explained.

Do Santos urged the educational community, parents and teachers, to become familiar with this page “There are all the companies. If you put Missions in the search engine, there are the companies that are enabled with the destinations. Companies are enabled with a student certificate, but also by destination: that is, a company X can have a student tourism certificate with X number of destinations enabled”.

“When the company has a meeting with the parents, it has to tell them where their children are going to sleep, together with the fact that this is the destination (where tourist services are purchased, especially accommodation) that is enabled. If as a company I am enabled in Bariloche, but the boys sleep in Mendoza and the agency does not have that destination enabled, it is illegal”, he asserted.

“Before hiring a graduate trip, end of course, it is important that one as a parent, teacher or graduate can verify that the travel agency that is offering its services has its National Certificate of Authorization for Student Tourism Agencies, granted by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, but also see if the agency is authorized in that destination where it is offering you by contract, ”he indicated.

“And another very important one is that Law 25,599 establishes that they cannot sell you, or propose or make you sign a contract that is not more than one year after the completion of the trip. In other words, my son travels next year, because this year he should be signing the contract with the company I chose. Now, my son is in the third year and they offer me the trip and force me to sign a contract to maintain or freeze the price -as travel companies usually say-, you don’t have to sign. Contracts are year to year,” he explained.

To make inquiries or report any irregular situation, contact: [email protected] either [email protected] or by phone 0376-4447539 extension 116.

Requirements for companies
Student Tourism Certificate
Well detailed contract of all the services -quantity and quality- days offered by the trip and the estimated season where the passenger is going to travel

Zero Quota: It is the Student Tourism Fund that was created as a travel insurance for cases of total non-compliance by the agency. It is 6% of the value of the trip.

Invoices for contracted services (from company to service provider- hotel- transportation)

They are always purchased in advance and the companies charge it to the TAD ((Distance Procedures) because it is a requirement for the renewal of the student tourism certificate or obtaining.

Medical assistance- Medical insurance


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