Netflix has a system of exclusive premieres for VIP subscribers

Netflix has a system of exclusive premieres for VIP subscribers

Some subscribers of Netflix they will be having a special access to movies and series long before they are released on the platform. The program, they report from comicIt would be one of Netflix’s trial periods to which the platform submits some of its features and tools before a general launch. However, the option, which seeks to recover subscribers as the new course of programming, not reach all subscribers and ask for the collaboration of those selected for build the best content for tomorrow.

Netflix is ​​working on improving tomorrow’s content and needs subscribers for them

Netflix, which is preparing a new subscription with advertising for the end of the year, wants to create a community of users and VIP subscribers who help evaluate, promote and respond to the new content that the platform is shooting and premiering. It’s like early access in exchange for participating in surveys and quality checks. The company has been cutting back on advertising for weeks after poor financial results, and these kinds of policies could help get it back on track.

“We at Netflix are creating a community of members who will be able to see and give their opinion on upcoming movies and series, and we would like to know if you are interested in being part of it,” reads the email that some users have been receiving in recent weeks. . sources like Variety confirm that it is something relatively recent, and that aims to create quality content in the form of movies and series for the next few years. Those chosen to participate in this new program are asked to watch a series of films and series over six months, assessing what stands out from these original productions and what seems expendable to them.

Those selected can watch series and movies months in advance and are asked to rate the content

At the end of the film or series, they are asked to complete a poll designed by Netflix itself in which specific aspects are highlighted, such as if they liked the film or series, if not, if there are things that could be improved or if there is a probability that they will recommend it to their friends or family. Those who participate in these exclusive premieres must maintain a contract confidential in relation to the content that reaches their account and they are asked to sign a data embargo agreement. To date, and as different sources point out, it seems that Netflix, which has confirmed the information, is only taking the initiative to markets such as USA.


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