Netflix canceled a movie starring Will Smith and there will be no second part

Netflix canceled a movie starring Will Smith and there will be no second part

The actor was at the center of criticism after the slap he gave Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, although the decision would not have anything to do with that episode.

Netflix made a controversial decision again as he decided to cancel the sequel to the film Bright 2which had been released in 2017 and stars Will Smiththe actor who was at the center of criticism after his Chris Rock slapped.

Netflix canceled a movie starring Will Smith and there will be no sequel

Although the leading streaming platform usually makes decisions like these, taking into account that the film has the stellar performance of the 53-year-old actor, this decision left a lot to cut. The truth is that after his attitude, Smith suffers a setback again.

Beyond the fact that official confirmation is still missing, several specialized media anticipated that after its premiere in 2017, Bright will not have a second part, which had been announced in 2018 and ratified in 2020.

Bright 2 with Will Smith

The sequel to this film had been announced in 2018, but it did not have the expected impact on the streaming platform, so a pause was made and two years later it was confirmed that Louis Leterrier would replace David Ayer as director.

Beyond the fact that Smith’s reaction at the Oscars had other negative repercussions, this would not have influenced Netflix’s decision. However, it did prevent him from participating in Academy events, it caused Disney to delay the premiere of Pole to Pole, Smith’s documentary for National Geographic; it affected the development of Bad Boys 4 and put a damper on plans for Fast and Loose at Netflix.

Synopsis of Bright, the film starring Will Smith that Netflix canceled

The description of this production explains: “In Los Angeles, amidst interspecies territorial tensions, a human cop and his orc sidekick find a powerful item. The prophesied war has begun”.

Cast of Bright, the Will Smith movie that Netflix lowered

  • Will Smith
  • Joel Edgerton
  • Noomi Rapace
  • Lucy Fry
  • Edgar Ramirez
  • Ike Barinholtz
  • Brad William Henke
  • Enrique Murciano
  • Happy Anderson
  • Kenneth Choy
  • andrea navedo
  • Dawn Oliveri

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