NBA Playoffs 2022: Luka Doncic beats Michael Jordan’s ‘impossible’ record

NBA Playoffs 2022: Luka Doncic beats Michael Jordan's 'impossible' record

For 23 years, Michael Jordan led the list of most points per game in the history of the NBA Playoffs. His Majesty’s figures seemed unattainable, at 33.45, and no one else was even above 30, be it LeBron (28.69, 28.69), Kobe (25.64, #16), Wilt Chamberlain or whoever (oddly enough, the podium was him). complete Allen Iverson and Kevin Durant). Until Luka Doncic arrivedwho continues to redefine the limits of what is possible.

The Doncic’s 35 points in Game 2 against the Suns allows the Slovenian to put his total in 33.5, so Jordan falls from the top echelon.

Players with the most points per game in the history of the NBA Playoffs

  1. Luka Doncić: 33.5
  2. Michael Jordan: 33.45
  3. Allen Iverson: 29.73
  4. Kevin Durant: 29.41
  5. Jerry West: 29.13
  6. LeBron James: 28.69
  7. Donovan Mitchell: 28.33
  8. Anthony Davis: 27.33
  9. Elgin Baylor: 27.04
  10. George Gervin: 26.98

Luka’s numbers are even more impressive because his first games did not end due to multiple injuries against the Clippers in the Orlando bubble. There are 12 games of more than 30 points for Doncic, a figure that only 61 players have surpassed in history… and the Slovenian did it in just 18 games. If we consider sonly the first four seasons, only Wade (18), Olajuwon (17), Donovan Mitchell (16), LeBron (14) and Jordan (13) they surpass him and with more games. And if the series against the Mavs continues to move forward, the mark could very well be his.

The defense, Doncic’s great pending account

Not everything is honey on flakes. The Mavs lose 2-0 to the Suns. Dallas’ improved defense was conspicuous by its absence in the first two games in Phoenix, where pThey allowed 121 and 129 points.

In both, Doncic has been a target of attacks from the Suns offensethat if they did not score in transition, they looked for a rebrand and whoever it was (mainly Chris Paul and Devin Booker, but also Bridges, Crowder, and even Biyombo on occasion), they would take the ball and go to the basket. without the slightest concern for the Doncic defense.

Series don’t start until one team wins away from home. but the Mavs are left with no room for error: they will have to win four of the next five against the best team in the regular season. Difficult, but with Doncic scoring more than anyone else in history, it’s not impossible; yes, they need to find some improvement on the other side of the ball.



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