NBA 2022 PlayOffs: “If they renew Harden for the maximum, they will ruin the Sixers for 15 years”

NBA 2022 PlayOffs:

yesand suppose that james harden came to Philadelphia to make the NBA champions Sixers. That was sold after a transfer, his for Ben Simmons with the Nets, which in the long run has been detrimental to both teams, and to the players involved. There are operations in which everyone wins, others in which some win and others lose, and then there is the one between the Nets and Sixers in which everyone has lost.

The Sixers they left the playoffs through the back door kicked out by the Heat4-2, and leaving huge questions about whether James Harden can lead the ‘Process’. Joel Embiid himself said that “James is no longer the one he was in Houston“. Bad vibes and a difficult situation to redirect. It sounds like more of the same in Phily.

But the most critical voice has come from the long-tongued charles barkleywho knows the house of the Sixers perfectly because he helped build it in the 80s.

Given the dilemma that is presented to the franchise with Harden, ‘Sir Charles’ has his own opinion. ‘La Barba’ has one year left on his contract, which is a player option, for which he will receive 47.3 million dollars. Then there is the option of offering him a maximum contract of four years and 200 million or five and 245. barkley ask them not to do that crazy thing.

If the Sixers give him that moneyThey should fire whoever gives them that contract because that will ruin the franchise for the next 10 to 15 years“. Of course.

It seems logical to think that if the Sixers choose Harden as their star for the next four or five years, they will pay him beyond the time that ‘The Beard’ is in the franchise. Especially considering the poor performance he has given this season. The Harden of now does not seem like a player in whom 200 kilos and the future of a franchise should be invested.

Sticks from Barkley to Harden are not new. He was one of the most vocal in criticizing the transfer. This then said: “I don’t like transfer. The Sixers won’t win the championship and they’re going to waste two full years of Joel Embiid. Harden is a player in decline and the franchise will regret the trade.” He already is.

After the attitude of Toughen in the game in which the Sixers risked their lives, not a shot in the fourth quarter, as Ben Simmons did last year, it is hard to believe that the franchise is thinking of offering him the maximum contract. Just in case, Barkley has already launched a campaign to stop them from doing so. It won’t be the last time I speak…


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