Natalia Téllez confessed that Kuno Becker was the worst guest of “Netas Divinas”

Natalia Téllez confessed that Kuno Becker was the worst guest of

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Divine Net is a television program that from 2006 to the present has managed to position itself among the public’s taste thanks to the level of friendship and camaraderie that its hosts reflect. But not everything has been hunky-dory, the edition has also faced strong controversies ranging from the sudden departures of some presenters to the most awkward moments they have experienced with special guests.

Paola Rojas, Daniela Magun and Natalia Téllez attended Pinky Promisea program of Youtube conducted by Karla Díaz, where they were honest about some controversies they have faced both inside and outside of Divine Net. During the talk they answered a series of questions that they received from the public, among which he highlighted who has been your worst guest so far.

At first they did not want to answer, however, Natalia Téllez took the floor and openly confessed that it is nothing more and nothing less than Kuno Becker. According to the 36-year-old actress, everything is due to the attitude that she would have taken during the edition because He seemed to be in a bad mood and centered the conversation on complaints about a comment that Consuelo Duval had made several years ago.

When it was Kuno Becker I felt like I was on another f*cking planet and it was very ugly because he also went to talk about a film he directed about the earthquake, which I saw and thought it was an excellent job of directing and the film in general is very good. When he went he came as annoyed, He began to say to Consuelo: ‘You once said that I am the worst person to work with’ and I ‘Maybe he is right’“, started.

Paola Rojas thanked that she was not present in the program that aired approximately three years ago. In her place was Jacqueline Bracamontes, who tried to calm the guest down so she could continue the conversation: “Jacky all pretty like ‘Kuno, don’t get mad my love’Natalia recalled.

Consuelo Duval – who recently returned to the edition after staying in Argentina for several months for the recording of her new project – asked her colleagues to investigate if she had really made that comment because she did not remember it. Daniela Magun searched the internet and found that the comedians had actually said something about it.

The actress made the controversial comment during a meeting with the media.  (IG: consolationduval)
The actress made the controversial comment during a meeting with the media. (IG: consolationduval)

Consuelo said: ‘Of course not, if I met him when he was a baby my precious love’ and Daniela with the video [en la mano]”, commented the ex-host of Today.I don’t know how Kuno remembered, did something to him. So it was awkward,” she added.

The member of kabah He jumped in defense of his partner and assured that he really did not remember his statements. She also explained that the final result, that is, the edition of the program, did not favor the talk they had because they cut many parts, which caused it to become “very boring”.

“If you had left it without editing, then what it was. There was a confrontation, we were all nervous, everything was uncomfortable, but better […] that program was very bad that they mutilated it”, said Daniela Magun. “In addition, he was a father because personalities were seen a lot like thatI mean, I was happy to make Kuno angry, Consuelo in Narnia and Daniela was trying to change the subject, “added Natalia.

Galilea Montijo joined "Divine Net".  (Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)
Galilea Montijo joined “Netas Divinas”. (Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

In the end, the actress anchored regretted that the program revolved around the claims and not about the day of the union (2018)a film directed by Kuno Becker, because it seemed to him to be a very important subject that could lead to moments of reflection.


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