Natalia Duco’s drama for an eventual trip abroad

Natalia Duco's drama for an eventual trip abroad

Be sincere. Natalia Duco unveiled her drama for an eventual trip abroad. in conversation with the newspaper “The latest news”the winner of the first season of the program “Celebrity MasterChef” He spoke about his return to sports competitions and the difficulties that this decision brings.

the athlete resumed his role as a shot putter after serving a 3-year sentence for doping. In fact, he now trains on the track of Colegio San Ignacio El Bosque, in the district of Providencia. “It accommodates me here because I’m walking home, in six minutes I’ll be in my apartment. Lucianito (his son) can come by car with the person who helps me”, he counted.

The most complex part of her new routine is that she now trains alone: sweet daisyher Cuban coach passed away in 2019 and she has been working remotely for two years with José Luis Martínez, who lives in Spain. For the same reason, she intends to travel to Europe to work face-to-face with him. “My idea is to do it as soon as possible”, he confessed.

Right now, I have to go to Spain because my coach, due to family health problems, cannot travel… But there are two issues, traveling with my son and having the resources. Those two things have to come together and I have neither. I intend to travel for a short time, a month. I would go to Madrid or to the place where my teacher wants”, revealed Natalia Duco, who has complications to leave the country with her firstborn.

Natalia indicated that “I need to travel with my son because I keep giving him milk. It would be very difficult for me to go and leave Luciano, although I could do it, go and come back from one day to the next, but it would not be ideal”. He also provided details about the problem. “On the one hand, there is the conflict that I am a single mother, separated from the father of my child and I need the father’s permission, and, on the other hand, I need the Federation, IND, or Team Chile to support me in my situation because I have to be with my son. It’s all new to me”, he acknowledged.

Natalia Duco's drama for an eventual trip abroad

I want to be at a world level, but enjoying what I do, more relaxed and traveling with my son because I don’t have ten years left either. I see myself until Paris 2024, it would be my fourth Olympic Games and retiring with my son looking at me would be the most beautiful thing for me”, reflected the also influencer.

Natalia Duco’s option

In dialogue with LUN, the young woman highlighted the way she decided to live her motherhood. “I had two options when I decided to return as a mother: to be a present mother, to take care of my son, to play with him, to prioritize him and not to sleep if necessary, that is, to be the mother that I want to be. Or delegate all those tasks to my mom or someone else so I can dedicate myself like I used to. And that was not an option. First I’m a mom and then I’m a shot putter”, he clarified.

Likewise, Natalia Duco recounted her current routine. “I come home to play with Luciano, give him food, bathe him, take him out to the square and make him sleep. There I just eat, take a shower and start studying (I’m studying psychology at the Gabriela Mistral University). Sometimes I stay until one or two in the morning and at 2:30 he already woke up. I sleep four hours. When I finish college this year and get some sports support, I’m not going to work as much anymore.”, he detailed.



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