Music, identity and fun at Karma’s World

Karma´s World es la nueva serie animada de Netflix

chris bridgesbetter known as ludacrisis one of the main producers of the animated series the world of karmawhich is available in Netflix.

“Karma’s character is inspired by my it is elder. It’s a project that took 10 years to form, but it’s about how a girl finds her voice and how she uses it to change the world through music. I think that many girls or boys, in general, are going to be able to identify with the series”, says the singer, in an interview with Reporte Índigo.

Ludacris says that his parents tell him that they would have liked to have a Program like this when they were young, because it is an animated series that has many forms of inclusion Y diversity regarding people of color; so it represents in its maximum splendor and honors the culture and heritage of this community.

Currently, there are television series with representation of different cultures, however, not many are exclusively for children. The rapper’s idea was to create a program suitable for the whole family where they could play these intercultural issues so important, but at the same time understandable to audiences minors.

“I feel that minorities were not represented on television, and especially children of African-American or dark-skinned descent. Which is why this has been so welcome and revolutionary. I think it’s a project that has been long overdue and will last much longer than it took to do it.”


In addition to Ludacris, as Karma’s father, the series has the talent of artists like Asia Bryant, Tiffany Haddish, Dascha Polanco, Danielle Brooks and Jordan Fisher.

Inspired by his eldest daughter, Ludacris decided to fulfill his desire to write music and turn it into a program that he could achieve. world audiences; however, Karma’s World is not the only project that Chris has created, as it has KidNationeducational platform where young people can learn about various topics through the music.

“With each passing day, more and more artists of color are raising their voices through interimmusic or art. It is not only about raising awareness generation previous one, but to promote the next one. In the series we have artists that we already know and artists that people will know over time and have successful careers, “says the singer.

Finally, the rapper and actor signed off with advice that everyone should listen to.

“You’re never too young to change the world and that’s what Karma’s World is all about. So everyone take a look, I assure you that you will not be disappointed and the music It is also available now on all music platforms. Karma’s World is going to conquer the world,” he shares.

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